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DanTheDev Staff asked 3 years ago
@MissCanada wrote:
Just curious, I just joined and realized that I hadn’t filled in the “my story” part and went back and edited my profile and presses save changes and everything I typed seems to be lost. I posted from my iPad Air and the browser is Safari.
Thank you
Mrs D
Staff replied 3 years ago

@jes wrote “When i try to edit my profile it has said the same thing since the new site changed. A big exclamation point comes up and says something like “can not leave this area blank”. Something like that anyway.”

Mrs D
Staff replied 3 years ago

@agirl wrote “I definitely can’t save my changes on the profile apge. Thus no profile…

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DanTheDev Staff answered 3 years ago
I have now removed the legacy code that we inherited from the old theme on this page and rewritten the form so we don’t have any invisible fields connected with javascript duct tape. This should no longer be an issue for anyone.

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