Reverse order previous posts to easily see our beginning posts

Site SupportCategory: Feature SuggestionReverse order previous posts to easily see our beginning posts
JR asked 2 years ago
thank you for the update. Question…..are we able to reverse order our previous posts so we can easily see our beginning posts…..for example I would love to quickly see my July 2017 beginning posts.
replied 2 years ago

<p>It makes a lot of sense to facilitate this kind of reflection through a feature like this. Don't worry, we wont judge the popularity of the idea by the number of votes it gets here. You're right, few are aware of the voting feature at this time. It's just great to use this as an example of how Site Support can be used. I edited the title of your post.</p>

replied 2 years ago

Nathan, others have liked this idea and not sure people know to come here to “vote”. I suggested this 6 months ago….not here, as I did not know to do that, sorry!! So many people were excited about the idea. The goal is to reinforce how far we have come. My 2017 posts were so desparate and now I have joy and peace. Nice to revisit.

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