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AprilsFool asked 2 years ago
Is it possible to reply to everyone who posted a comment to an activity post?
replied 2 years ago

I mean to post a “reply to all” much the same as when replying to everyone who is cc’d on an email message as opposed to just hitting “reply” and the message just goes to the person who sent the email.

Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi there AprilFool,

In short no it is not. But I’d like to understand more what you mean – Do you mean to give everyone a notification that a new reply has been posted in that comemnt?

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Mrs D Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi @aprilsfool you can tag people in any post by putting a @ before their username, then they’ll receive a notification that they’ve been tagged. 
replied 2 years ago

Thank you. I understand that now. I wanted to know if I could make one reply that would go to everyone who commented. I understand now that I need to put each of their names in for that to happen. I get it now. Thanks.

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