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enzedgirl asked 3 years ago
hi there – when I go to the page that shows you your notifications ie mentions and replies, where you get a list of hyperlinks saying for eg Mrs-D mentioned you or Danthedev replied to one of your updates …. frequently when I click on the hyperlink to navigate to the mention or the reply, I get a blank page. Unlike with the blank members feed there’s no work around for this. I just don’t get to see the person’s comment. This issue really bothers me because for me the site is all about the interaction I have with other members and this bug really screws with that.
this happens both on my laptop (Mac) and my iPhone8 – in both instances I’m using Safari 
Staff replied 3 years ago

I have updated the theme and believe there was a fix for this included. If I don’t here from anyone over the next month I’ll consider this resolved. – Thanks D

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