Lost my post.

AprilsFool asked 2 years ago
I commented on a friend’s post. Then I went on to post an activity update. I hit post, then spotted an error. I hit ‘edit’ and fixed it. Then hit post again and it was gone. I have edited posts in the past and have not lost anything before.  
I see that I have 1 reply in my little bell icon on my page, but when I go there, it says ‘no page found.’  I’m using an ipad via Chrome. I have the Living Sober site saved as a bookmark and access it regularly without any trouble. I can get to the members feed, but not my own reply link.
Thank you.
replied 2 years ago

Hello. I wasn’t aware that there is a time limit for a post. I don’t know if I exceeded it, but it’s possible. This has only happened to me once, so perhaps that’s what happened. Thank you for following up. Stay safe.

replied 2 years ago

@AprilsFool, thank you for reporting this. We’re constantly deliberating about this mysterious issue. How much time had passed between starting to write your update and hitting post the second time, after your edit? Wondering whether there could be any connection between the disappearance of your post and the two-hour limit on editing a post?

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