Can I change my user name without deleting the account?

Site SupportCategory: Help RequestCan I change my user name without deleting the account?
Frog asked 2 years ago

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Mrs D Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi @frog, no you can’t change your username once you have registered. If you want to change your username, you need to delete your account and re-register. But be aware you will lose all your activity history. If you want me to delete your account for you, send me an email to x

replied 1 year ago

I will just add that if you delete an account and intend to create a new account, the same username may be possible but a different email address is needed for the new account. Using the same email address will result in a message that an account using that email address already exists. This occurs even though all the content you created was deleted and is completely irrecoverable.

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