Greeted by a WordPress admin page when I signed in? [RESOLVED]

Site SupportCategory: Technical IssueGreeted by a WordPress admin page when I signed in? [RESOLVED]
Jocord asked 2 years ago
When I logged into my LS account I was greeted by options of changing my color scheme, a dashboard, and WP meetups in my town.  Is this a general WP admin page?  Anyhow, in the upper right corner was my LS user name and under that an option to go to site.  I clicked on that and was taken to the familiar LS page.
I’m using an iPad older ios.
replied 2 years ago

OK, thanks for that. We’re investigating, there could be a setting we need to change.

replied 2 years ago

Hi Nathan, I am not a member of another WP site. This was the first time it happened and it hasn’t happened again.

replied 2 years ago

Hi Jocord, that’s odd. You’re right, you’re basically seeing a version of the site as it appears under the bonnet though you’re not seeing data or settings you are not authorised to see. Knowing WordPress, are you a member/moderator/admin on any other WordPress sites using the same email address? Has this happened since you joined? Does it happen every time you sign in? Thank you for raising this here.

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