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Jocord asked 11 months ago

Hi there,
I’m wondering about the security of our emails/passwords with the advent of long numeric user names lately and that weird foreign posting the other day.
Thank you for all your hard work!

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NathanB Staff answered 11 months ago

Living Sober’s data including usernames and passwords are now hosted by Flywheel. This includes three new security features:
1. Limited login attempts at site and server level. The main way intruders gain access is by brute force attacks that involve many thousands of different password combinations until access is gained.
2. Managed software updates. Previously, Living Sober could not be updated because there were so many customisations that made it unfeasible. Now Living Sober is built in such a way that new software updates can be applied very easily which means we benefit from any security patches included in those updates.
3. IP Blocking. Flywheel employs intelligent IP blocking which limits the damage an intruder can do by rapidly locking them out of Flywheel servers.
I do not believe the usernames will impact security, but will check with our developer. Spam posts are a constant problem on any website. We are currently using the same spam filter as on the old site. It has blocked almost 900 spam posts since mid-January. Let’s keep an eye on this. Please share screenshots of any spam you discover here. If there are more spam posts getting through then we may need to explore other measures.
I hope that is reassuring, and thank you for sharing your concerns, it’s really valuable for us to hear.

Jocord replied 11 months ago


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