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DanTheDev Staff asked 3 months ago

Please post comments in this ticket relating to the "Read More" button not working.

To report your expierience of this problem please include:

  • What device and browser you are using (eg ipad + safari or windows + chrome)?
  • When did this start happening for you?
  • Do you use an adblocker?
AprilsFool replied 3 months ago

The read more button seems to be working okay this morning. Thanks!

freedom1025 replied 3 months ago

It’s much better today! Site is faster, I can see everyone’s profile pictures (before it was just grayed out) and when I select Read More, the additional content instantly loads. It doesn’t take me to the persons profile page. Thanks dan!!

k1W1 replied 3 months ago

All seems fixed now, well for me. My post button is back. Thank you for sorting it @DanTheDev

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

Ok I think I have isolated the cause of this error – can someone confirm that the images are working and they can click [Read More] now? It only effected non-admins. ie myself, @mrs-d and @NathanB which made it very frustrating to debug. In the end it was a setting in one of the system caches that is responsible for speeding up the site. We have 5 caches running on this site and each has several settings. This one was set to load javascript inline of our html pages to reduce the number of requests to the server. However it seems the way it was combining these broke the site. I have now turned this one setting off.

However this was not all for nought – its bitter sweet but I have improved other parts of this to hopefully make this more performant.

Currently its taking 5 seconds to load the rest of a post when I click [read more] im going to try and ditch the feature and just load the entire post the first time. That way even though its a slow page load per 50 posts – at least you get all the info and don’t need to make lots of micro requests.

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

@k1w1 hmm the images are working for me. I just put a gravatar cache on the site to decrease load times of the images (which were slowing down the load time worse once I increased the number of posts on a page). If it’s working for me that’s confusing – I’ll look into this again. And the disappearing post button shouldn’t be a thing anymore as I set it to always show. I’ll flush the caches again – hopefully this forces all devices to get the latest code.

k1W1 replied 3 months ago

What about their not being ‘post’ button and profile pictures not loading. Ipad and in the address bar it says not secure

SteveF replied 3 months ago

@danthedev. I am having this same issue. I am using an iPad.

Hammer123 replied 3 months ago

Hi Dan, when I click on the read more button it takes me to the members page. Also this morning the site would not load. I am on an iPad.

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

I have updated the code so that read more button does not trigger an animation “slideUp” this will make it less jerky and means it doesn’t matter how many times you click [read more] it won’t go funky on you

getclear replied 3 months ago

My READ MORE button still takes me to the profile page… where I CAN read more, but obviously didn’t need to go there. I am using an iPad with chrome no ad blockers. Last I tried to get to the site on my lap top it either couldn’t be reached or said it was non secure and may be impersonating……read more issue just started today secure network thing happened last time there were site issues as well

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

I can further add the “jumping around”occurs when a person clicks multiple “read more” (including the same one) they essentially get loaded later all together. Making it feel like the page has a life of its own as it bounces around.

The simple fix is to get rid of the animation for this and just have the content get loaded. The page will still jump down as more content is loaded further up. But at least it won’t go up and down as it currently does. And if a read not is clicked to many times then it shouldn’t be noticeable.

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

@freedom1025 hey thanks for the info. The site has been slow for the last 2 days and I have been working on fixes for it throughout this morning. Tbh it feels like whack a mole. When one thing gets tuned and patched another thing bottleneck appears. I’ll update another support thread on speed issues and try to keep this focused on this read more issue.

Ok so iPhone + Safari with no adblockers? Like the adblockplus app (I use it and love it)

freedom1025 replied 3 months ago

Yes I’m having that exact same issue. It Just started today. I’m on an iPhone 6s using a Safari browser. I’m also noticing the site is extremely slow. Thanks.

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

@getclear something I have noticed is if I right click on the [Read More] link and click open in new tab it opens just that post in the persons activity feed. Is this what is happening for you when you left click it normally?

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

Currently users have reported that clicking “read more” takes them to the users profile rather then showing the rest of the message. upon investigation it is unclear why this has happened, but I have flushed all the system caches and it looks like the site is working now.

Further I have reached out to the theme developers about getting a different solution for this – one where there is no “Read More” button and instead we just see longer posts.

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DanTheDev Staff answered 3 months ago

Just to let everyone know who is coming to this thread for the first time:

The Read more feature broke when the sites caches didn’t work properly.

As a result of this we have tweaked our caches and improved overall performance.

We also increased the number of characters that are show in a post before the readmore appears to 2000. This means we load larger messages without it and so you wont have to click on it as often.

After all this I can say this issue has been resolved.

DanTheDev Staff replied 3 months ago

I have just tried this on my macbook air in safari and cannot replicate the error. @jennah can you clear your browser cache and try again.

jennah replied 3 months ago

The read more button is still taking me to profile page. Using a MacBook Air, browser is Safari.

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