I wrote a long post in the Members Feed but when I edited it, it was deleted.

Site SupportCategory: Members Feed ErrorsI wrote a long post in the Members Feed but when I edited it, it was deleted.
NathanB Staff asked 7 months ago

OMG I just wrote the longest post, and it disappeared! I clicked “edit” to take out an extra space, and it was gone.

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NathanB Staff answered 7 months ago

The fix is to use Google Chrome to access Living Sober. We apologise for the frustration you may be feeling, or have felt, from losing a thoughtful and well crafted post. Regrettably, this is a rare but known issue which we believe is caused by using an Internet browser which is not regularly updated. We are not yet certain which browsers cause the error or why. We are are asking for the type of device, browser name and update number from anyone who experiences this error.

Reports of this error continued after Living Sober was rebuilt in 2018 which makes us believe the error is not caused by the design or any custom elements in the Members Feed which were replaced. Aside from content, the only thing re-used from the old site is the software that makes it run – Word Press and Buddy Press. We used new versions of this software in the rebuild and the problem persisted. That leaves the use of a non-updated Internet browser (or some other aspect of your system set-up) that leads to this error.

REPORT NEW INSTANCES OF THIS ERROR HERE – YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR DEVICE NAME, BROWSER AND UPDATE NUMBER. Email site.support@livingsober.org.nz if you need help to find these.

Thank you

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