How does the ‘Following’ function work?

Site SupportCategory: Members Feed ErrorsHow does the ‘Following’ function work?
Mrs D Staff asked 4 months ago

We have introduced a new ‘Following’ feature which should help to ensure you don’t miss updates from members you are particularly connected with. With this function, if you have another member that you have connected with directly or feel a kinship with (because you’re on a similar day count for example, or have a similar situation going on in real life), you can click on their name to go through to their profile page and then click on ‘Follow’. Once you have done that, if you come back to the main feed you’ll see under the comment box at the top you now have a filter that says ‘Following’ (next to ‘All Members’, ‘My Favourites’ & ‘Mentions’. Note: this won’t show up until you have followed your first person). Once you have followed someone and come back to the Members Feed, if you click on ‘Following’ you’ll see a filtered version of the feed with only those members you have followed updates in it. So ‘voila’ you can make sure you haven’t missed an update from them! You can then comment/reply within that filtered feed.. but all interactions are still visible in the main feed. That way we are not splintering our community off into groups at all, or creating side rooms or private chats.. it’s just to enable members to make sure they don’t miss out on updates from other members they’re particulary keen on. This is an entirely PRIVATE exercise – we have turned off notifications – so members won’t know that you’ve followed them and nor will anyone else, and you won’t know if anyone has followed you. This is to ensure we don’t turn out like other social media platforms where it can become a popularity contest and create emotional unease (we don’t want anyone feeling any pressure or vulnerability). Hope the ‘Following’ function works well for you! Comment below if you have any feedback. 

AprilsFool replied 3 months ago

I’m still becoming familiar with how to effectively navigate this site. I just wanted to say that I think this is a brilliant idea. I particularly appreciate the thought that went into maintaining the collegiality and respect that this beautiful community enjoys. Thank you.

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