Hi, I cant seem to post in the members section?… Thanks, Justine

Site SupportCategory: Members Feed ErrorsHi, I cant seem to post in the members section?… Thanks, Justine
Justine asked 6 months ago
SteveF replied 5 months ago

@DantheDev. No. I tried posting today and it worked. Not aware of anything I did differently.

DanTheDev Staff replied 5 months ago

Great! I am glad it has resolved. Was there any other change you made to make it work?🤞

SteveF replied 5 months ago

@DantheDev. Problem has cleared up. I can post again. Thank you!

SteveF replied 5 months ago

@DantheDev. Safari is the only browser I have on both devices. But, I am in a different location. We arrived at our summer home 12 days ago. I was able to post comments from here last summer and nothing has changed here. Same isp. We don’t have cellular service where we live but next time we go into town, I’ll try posting from my phone to see what happens. Thanks for your help. Fortunately I am 17 months sober so I don’t anticipate any urgent need to seek help from the LS Community.

DanTheDev Staff replied 5 months ago

@SteveF I’m really sorry to hear this. I can see you posted 14 days or so ago. I will assume its on the same devices and network (eg home wifi) – If not let me know.

Can you confirm what browser your using on your iPad and MacBook? If it’s chrome could you try safari and if it’s safari could you try chrome? Let me know what the results are. I’m just about to get on a flight back to Wellington, but I’ll checkin again one I have landed

SteveF replied 5 months ago

This is @SteveF

It happens on both my iPad and MacBook. After I type my comment in the update field and press post, it stays for a few seconds and then disappears. It is shaded, then disappears without turning into the normal dark print you see in the member feed. When I make a comment under someone else's comment, it stays and turns bold. But when I return after a minute or so, it is gone. Hope that makes sense.

DanTheDev Staff replied 5 months ago

@Justine & @SteveF If this is still a problem can you provide us with some details of what device you are having this issue on?

– tamblet/phone/laptop/desktop
– windows/apple/linux
– browser name

If you can also describe what happened:
– Did you refresh the page and try to post immediately?
– Can you leave comments on others posts?
– Does anything happen when you click post (screen refresh, 404 page, just disappears?)

1 Answers
Mrs D Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi @justine has this issue been resolved for you now?

DanTheDev Staff replied 5 months ago

@Seni as per my above comment can you give us some more info about this

Seni replied 5 months ago

My posts also don’t appear

SteveF replied 5 months ago

@mrs d. I’m having the same problem. Tried several times just now to post to the members feed and it doesn’t post.

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