Silly Season Inspirations (Pictorial Post)

The end of the year can be a particularly tricky time for us sober people. Lots of financial pressures, social events to navigate, family dynamics to manage. It is particularly important that at this time of year we focus down on the small-but-very-powerful things around us that give us strength, lift our hearts, inspire us, make us feel grounded, and help us to relax. I’ve been asking members of the Living Sober community to email me photos of the things that you are going to draw strength from this Silly Season, and wow what a wonderful array of goodies you have shared! I hope you draw as much strength and inspiration looking at everyone’s photos as I have. Enjoy! Mrs D xxx


@kerris: “I can’t get by without yoga, candles, soda and limes. It’s the simple things that will get me through xxx”


@lizzy: “Soaking in a hot bubble bath, with candlelight, will help me through the silly season. Time alone to relax and reflect in peace. Hot water and scented bubbles to soothe. This has got me through many a difficult day this year, and I know it will be my number one solution this Christmas!”


@wildchild: “This is my pup, Luna. She’s such a delight and getting up early in the mornings with a clear head and healthy body to take her for a run will get me through the Christmas crazies.”


@janus2: “Can you see the love? My greatest supporters! Mum and Dad. If I pick up they will be looking down.”


@prudence: “One of the things I’m looking forward to the most about creating this home is the fabulous view from my bath. These low windows look up into the mouth of the bay, and directly in front of me has a bigger window looking over to a wee sandy beach. The thought of the salubrious soaks I will have for the rest of my life once I move there make me feel luxurious and lucky. I’ve always wanted to bathe with a view. No room for booze in my life. Too busy making stuff happen instead.”


@madandsad: My garden. I love it, and I’m slowly getting it to flourish again and spending time in it. I totally neglected it when I was drinking and now I look forward to summer evenings , being outside instead of being comatose on the couch!! xxx”


@deede: I love to create & I’m creating this new life for me.”


@seedynomore: “There are little reminders and aids all through my house – some from my past and some new. I love Sir Edmund’s simple quote ” It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” I don’t quite love this healthy green smoothie but it makes me feel great and this beautiful bowl was made by my man. I  also have two canvas pics I have been working on and am planning more creative activites to enjoy in the upcoming festive season. I love my AF life in a way I never dreamed possible.”


@janetThis dear wee friend has no need of a glass of wine to enhance a festive situation. Full of zen, in the moment. Just let it be.”


@elhall“Snuggles with this guy keeps me calm and happy!”


@HJ27My new favourite drink, all the cheers needed for Christmas and New Year. This silly season will definitely be one to remember! I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends and not have to worry about feeling guilty or hungover. Spiced ginger punch: 1 portion lemon juice, 2 portions Greenbottle spiced berry cordial, ice, top up with ginger beer. Really good and very wintery/christmasy.”


@davenajean: I will survive my first holiday season in 20 years sober by staying home as much as possible in my cozy little house in front of the stove.”


@seizetheday: My 3 kids who will never be let down again by their mum because of booze.”


@oceania: “My daily ammunition to relax and to confirm what I now know that I never need or want to drink alcohol again.”


@gilbert“It’s my kids who give me happiness and it’s the commitment to them and their future that keeps me from ever going back to where I was.”


@freyfreya: Dearest girl. You were the reason I started drinking and now you’re the reason I’ve stopped. You wouldn’t want this drunken life for me. Love you.”


@tryingagain2505: “Staying AF again this Xmas is made easier with my oversize Cath Kidston cup & saucer, my “hygge” wool throw and my gorgeous little pooch”


@emjaycee: These shoes have done a few KMs with me. I’m looking forward to some xmas season jogs. I might even drag a family member or mate out with me. Running keeps me on an even keel – physically and mentally. It’s become a very important part of who I am. And it’s so much easier running without a hangover!”


@jm: “This is my sober coach.”


@april: My ‘Silly Season Survival Weapons’ kiddos and DH (literally the wind beneath my sober wings). Also,  lots of time spent outdoors to escape the insanity of the season and recalibrate to cope – bliss!


@soberstylist: These are taken from the front of MY HOUSE. Lower floor is living,  second floor in the photo is my bedroom & top floor is the loft . Great views & it’s all mine. Just amazes me on how far I have come after removing  booze out of my life.  It has given me SO much strength to do what is right for me & I just love, love, love my new home & life.”


@enzedgirl: “My go to comfort drink for the Silly Season.”


@misspiggy: Thank goodness I don’t feel like this anymore…… Ollie replicating how one use to feel the morning after!”


@reena: Keeping the chai pumpkin tea coming this season. Happy holidays.”


@mrs_d: “Our beloved Stanley. So good for keeping me in the moment, getting me outdoors, and reminding me that the simplest pleasures in life are the most important – love, food, and fresh air!”


@wvlheelI’ll be spending as much time as possible with my primary sobriety tools this holiday season.  Crisp winter mornings on the water keep me sane (and sober). Merry Christmas.”


@jessi: “Christmas 2016 – this formal tree makes me happy – feeling blessed.”


  1. Lindy 7 years ago

    Wonderful pictures! Am on day 12 back from relapse after seven years sobriety. I got through Christmas and these will help me get through New Year sober!
    Really inspirational.
    Here’s to a happy, healthy, sober 2017 to everyone. Xx

  2. janus2 7 years ago

    Just seen more of them and it so cool and get a glimpse into lives of those here. But ya know lol still love mine lol-just a memory at my nieces grad in Dunedin-proud of all 3.xo

  3. Trisha 7 years ago

    These are all so beautiful and very inspiring. Only 5 days in and I’m taking in as much as I can. Thank you all for being so honest and giving me the confidence and belief that it only gets better.

  4. Newbie 7 years ago

    Thank you all so much for sharing your pictures. I am currently at day 4 and the thought of getting through a Christmas surrounded by boozers scares me no end.

    It is very much hour by hour for me at the moment and this website is really helping me cope with my physical, mental and emotional struggles.

    Meri Kirihimete ki a koutou 🙂

  5. QuietlyDone 7 years ago

    Heartfelt Joy!
    So touching, thanks for sharing!

  6. barnmomma 7 years ago

    Loved these reminders of how beautiful life is without alcohol blinding us to all the lovely things around us. Thanks! 🙂

  7. JC 7 years ago

    Tears of gratitude and love for everyone here as I see everyone’s pictures. How utterly wonderful you all are.

  8. Liberty 7 years ago

    All so lovely and heartwarming and I am grateful to you all for sharing your treasures.

  9. Lars 7 years ago

    Oh, I just love all these!!!

    • Deede 7 years ago

      Me too These are great
      Thanks Everyone

      • reena 7 years ago

        @Deede, how did you get that photo of me ???? LOL
        (beautiful painting my friend)

  10. enzedgirl 7 years ago

    lovely 🙂

  11. @April 7 years ago

    Ooops, my comment was went to be in reply to Jane’s… that it is nice to get a wee glimpse into other people’s

  12. @April 7 years ago

    It is isn’t it?

  13. Begoodtomyself 7 years ago

    Amazing, emotional and inspirational. Thanks to those who have shared a piece of your heart with us xx

  14. Jellybaby 7 years ago

    Oh I love them all!
    Thank you 🙂

    I will get my act together and submit one too x

  15. Seizetheday 7 years ago

    Love it! Thanks so much xo

  16. janus2 7 years ago

    Agree with comments so far.

  17. janus2 7 years ago

    Feel honouerd to be part of eh many made me cry. Expression of what we value and care about. Hate to say it but cried over mine and @freyfreya, crak up with @prudence and love yours @seizetheday also @gilbert You show proud ness and love. For those who sent in family photos love it. Lol still like mine.! Proud to have had them as parents.

    • reena 7 years ago

      @janus2, they look so loving and sweet, I hope you feel their love around you now. xo.

    • Seizetheday 7 years ago

      @janus2 your photo of your parents is awesome. They just look like lovely people from that one snapshot. Xo

  18. Wildchild 7 years ago

    Lovely. Thank you for this @mrs-d.

  19. reena 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness! what a wealth of soberness, happiness, love and support here! Happy holidays all our LS friends, you are all so valuable to me. xo.

  20. Ang75 7 years ago

    Love these!!! Especially the family ones, this will be my first sober Christmas and I’m planning on being like a kid again with my 2 girls and living in their moment, Christmas will be for them this year not for wine and hangovers!!! Xx

  21. Jane Muralez 7 years ago

    These are so great! Interesting to get a little snapshot of people’s lives. Thanks Mrs. D!

    • Gettingthere 7 years ago

      These are so awesome! Very heart warming.

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