Saying goodbye to 2018


This is an 'Old Year Gratitude Ritual' that @suek has developed as a lovely way to say goodbye to the year that has just been. She has done this ritual before and describes it as a really rich and useful exercise to go through. I am totally going to do this at our campsite where we'll be on NYE! If you have trouble finding time and space to do something like this (i.e. you have little kids around), just adjust it to suit. No pressure - just do what you can. On New Year's Eve I'll publish another post with a different ritual @suek has devised on how to set your intention for 2019. 



Decide on where you want to carry out your ritual. It could be a whole room in your home, or a special chair, desk or table, or maybe a corner of your bedroom. Maybe it's your airbed in your tent, a desk at the library or at a local cafe. Where ever you can get some time to yourself.

Day of:

First set up a mat, cushion, blankets, candle, music—whatever you need for
meditation, yoga and writing.

Prepare some drinks and food for the writing session. Tea, chocolate, fruit… small nourishing things.

Get some favourite clean clothes laid out and ready to put on later.

Light a candle.

Meditate however you usually do it, for as long as you like.

Do some yoga or some sort of movement if you feel like it. If you don't have a regular yoga practice, you can use this free one.

Then it's time for some writing. Use an old notebook, journal or loose paper, not a new notebook for this writing. Use these
questions to help prompt your memory about the year past:

  • What were my happiest times in 2018?
  • What did I do or achieve that I’m please with?
  • How did I grow personally or spriritually in 2018?
  • What habits did I let go? What habits did I pick up?
  • What did I make or build or develop in 2018?
  • How did I take care of myself in 2018?
  • Who were my guides during 2018?
  • Who did I guide, help, influence in 2018?
  • What major challenges did I face? How did I face them?
  • What miracles did I experience?

After exploring these questions, write a list of the things you’re most grateful for in 2018.

Now, write a heartfelt goodbye note to 2018. You are leaving it behind, and moving into a brand new year, so take this opportunity to take formal leave of 2018. It can be as long or short as you like.

Close your notebook or journal and put it away. You are finished with it now.

Now move your body! Do some yoga, dance, bounce, shake, got for a walk or run - any kind of movement you feel like, for as
long as you like.

To finish sit still once again. Say “Goodbye 2018. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me.”

Blow out the candle.

Wash off the old year by taking a shower, bath or swim.

Dress in clean clothes.

Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and smile!

The old year ritual is over.


  1. Classic50 11 months ago

    I followed this gratitude goodbye ritual the other day when I had the house to myself. I took the opportunity and it has meant so much to me. It turned out to be both powerful and beautiful.
    2018 has held many challenges for me and everything, all of it, from the ordinary to the spectacular, all cloudy and confused with alcohol abuse…
    It has meant so much to me to embrace this moment and give it up before 2019. To leave it in 2018. I’ve had 3 opportunities to pretend I don’t have a problem and I can sort it later and not taken them.
    The ritual is like a crossover for me….
    Thank you and thank you so much to all the people on this web site who own up to the truth of this struggle xox

    • SueK 11 months ago

      This post brought tears to my eyes. I so believe in being mindful and making deliberate steps to free ourselves from the things that stop us being our best. Sounds like you really embraced it. Here’s to a wonderful and free 2019 to you.

      • Classic50 11 months ago

        Thanks SueK real people make such a difference on this journey… warm wishes to you

  2. Poppy88 11 months ago

    I have just read this after sending myself my goals for 2019 so this is perfect, I love the paying gratitude to what 2018 taught me. 6 months (yesterday!) sober has opened my eyes up in so many ways. I was reflecting on this and how there are times that I am so happy, I haven’t felt this way since I was about 19 years old and ready to take on the world! Fast forward 25 years later and I have had some (mostly) amazing experiences in life, that I would never ever regret but I feel like I have found my happiness again, that is priceless. I do have bad days but they are by far and away better sober. I think I remember mrs d talking about bring thankful or not regretting the drinking (?)) because it makes you appreciate the life you have without it. Yes without those terrible hangovers, long seedy days on the couch while the sun is shining outside, regrets for what was done and said while under the influence, I never would be so thankful now for my sober experiences. Goodbye 2018 you have been good to me and welcome 2019! Wooop wooop! Happy New Year everyone I hope you all have a wonderful year, keep looking for the sunshine ☀️

  3. Kerris 11 months ago

    What a wonderful ritual, thank you. ❤️

  4. Anonymous 11 months ago

    Perfect, just what I need to do, thank you for sharing this Sue xx?

  5. Agirl 11 months ago

    Beautiful. Thank you @suek and @mrs-d xxxxx

  6. Karen 11 months ago

    I shall prepare a ritual in gratitude.

    I had this luiming “home alone Xmas” and new year, and the potential disarster, I could do to myself, scared me.
    I have made it through, so far, with only one internal “it’s not fair, or just one bottle” debate.

    2017/18 initiated sad family farewells, and 2019 will bring to conclusion, that 1950, long summer filled home, family, dynasty.
    A difficult time dedicated to easing the way with empathy, caring and kindness.

    I welcome the future, with no regrets of the past, other than managing so perfectly, to be a dependable, after 5pm alcoholic daughter.

    I welcome the time when I can go on and my plan is live alone, in my own home.

  7. JR 11 months ago

    @suek @mrs-d – I always do goal-setting yet believe I rarely properly look back at the year. I am going to do this! I also find it helps me to read my beginning posts I have hear to see how far I have come from my July 2, 2017 first post. It is theraputic. (spelling?!)

  8. sobermommy1013 11 months ago

    This sounds really useful for me and I am definitely going to try it out.

  9. Timidwarrior 11 months ago

    This sounds so theraputic. Good thing I am on my own for NYE, this is what I will be doing xxx

  10. Oceania 11 months ago

    What an amazing thing to do ! I’m going to totally do this XX

  11. Jes 11 months ago

    Oh i just love this. Thank u?

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