Booze free Sangria


Apparently topping sangria with ginger beer is authentically Spanish. It’s certainly very scrumptuous! This is lovely on a long hot summer afternoon.

Grape juice (sparkling or still)
Juice of 3 oranges
1 green apple finely diced
1 orange finely diced
1 cinnamon stick

First 3/4 fill a large jug with grape juice
Then add the oranges juice, diced apple and orange, and cinnamon stick
Top with soda water or ginger beer.




  1. LaRuse 12 months ago

    Do you leave the orange peel on or take it off the finely diced orange?

    • Author
      Mrs D 12 months ago

      I’d take it off so you could potentially nibble it at the end of the drink, but equally you could leave it on for a stronger orange flavour!

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