Order our new Living Sober poster series and advice cards

Living Sober posters and flip cards layed out on a flat surface.

Thanks to the support of the Health Promotion Agency, this year we are doing more to promote our awesome sober community.

Many New Zealanders who are yet to discover the kindness and support we offer here Living Sober will soon start to hear of us through online advertisements, social media posts, posters in public places and also from their doctor or other health professionals.

We've published a series of three posters for use in staff rooms, waiting rooms and offices (below). The posters highlight the features of Living Sober we all know and love, and offer an invitation for new people to come join us.

We've also printed new wallet-sized Living Sober flip cards (below). One side of the flip card explains all the features and tools that can be found here on our site, the other side provides brief advice to help people identify whether alcohol is causing problems in their life.

It's a useful little takeaway, not just for those who might be wondering about their own drinking, but also for health professionals, friends and loved ones to give to someone who might need it.

Our hope is that doctors, nurses and other health professionals will see the value of these new tools and may utilise both where they interact with people in their work.

Free postage of your posters and flip cards!

Anyone can order the Living Sober posters and flip card from the NZ Drug Foundation’s Resources page. You can order a couple of flip cards for yourself or a loved one. Or order a whole bunch for your workplace, office, or waiting area.


@nathanb : Demand Reduction Programmes Manager at the New Zealand Drug Foundation

  1. Krystina 2 months ago

    I’ve been sober for a year so far and I had a dream about me drinking and my dream felt so real because in my dream I was drinking then after i got done drinking in my dream I was freaking out in my dream that I woke up and started freaking out.

  2. Kerry Bellis 1 year ago

    Could I order a poster and cards for my work place please?
    C/- WOW
    Kerry Bellis
    Christchurch city mission
    276 Hereford Street

  3. Kate Te Rure 2 years ago

    This will be a great resource for my mahi. Ka mau te wehi!

  4. Sober4real 2 years ago

    Fantastic initiative! I hope other countries follow suit.

  5. Melnz 2 years ago

    This is a great initiative, well done! When I visited my GP last year, I mentioned to her that it was very disappointing that there were no resources, pamphlets or posters in the waiting room regarding alcohol use

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