• Yellowlark posted an update 2 months ago

    Day 29
    My AA sponsor told me this month would be difficult as all the emotions I previously numbed with alcohol would rise to the surface. Boy was she right. I hate crying and yet I find myself sobbing for no apparent reason. I feel very raw and vulnerable. I hope this gets better with time. Grateful to have stumbled across this site, so much support here.

    • It definitely will get better @yellowlark. My emotions were all over the place the first couple of months. Physical activity was a big help for me. Jogging, walking, anything to generate those wonderful endorphins to give you a lift. Please hang in there and check in here often.

      • Thanks for your encouragement. I started running again and I’m giving yoga a try. Definitely helps, I just need to stick with it. 🙂

    • We are twins @yellowlark!! Nice work on Day 29!

    • It gets better for sure!

    • How right they are, it’s good to have AA sponsor support at such a time

      • I know AA is not for exeryone, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect the first time I went. Turns out they are wonderfully supportive and it’s so encouraging to meet people who are genuinely happy and glowing in their sobriety.

    • This will definitly pass , hang in there , good feelings awaits xx

    • @yellowlark, congrats on day 29. i still cry, but it makes me stop and realize that there is something i need to pay attention to. i never cried in the past.

      • I never cry either. I was super sensitive as a child and cried often. I was teased and told to suck it up so that’s what I did. It honestly makes me so uncomfortable to cry as well as seeing others cry. You know when you just want to skip the icky stuff and get right to the good stuff, that’s where I’m at, but I guess that’s been part of the problem all along!

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