• womackm posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Much better today– I didn’t “force” myself out of my sadness, in fact — I sat with it. Basically ALL day – i sat and did nothing- a couple of loads of laundry- and by 4:00 i felt well enough to get to yoga. Then I picked up a salad, came home and watched a little tv.

    AND although I had someone tell me that, “I was not going to get any better by sitting around and feeling discouraged and defeated” thats what I chose to do! (obviously that comment was about HIS desires, not mine). And, he was wrong- because that was EXACTLY what I did- and I DO feel better. I feel like i just honored my sadness——–> “yes, I see you sadness, and I acknowledge you. We have been thru some shit lately, and we just need to sit here and rest and reflect.”

    And that was really all it took. I simply woke up happier and more hopeful today. Im not going to run a marathon, but I WILL go to the grocery, and I will clean my apartment, and i WILL get organized for the week and start to make future plans- Because happy people PLAN for the future- and today I am happy. Happy and Sober.

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