• womackm posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    So…. Last night I had to go listen to a live band (part of my job) and this venue that i went to…… well, it was QUITE a place. this was an old school, beer drinking, shot taking, cigarette smoking (YES- smoking! inside, at the bar- like it was 1980! hahaha!). And the people there- well this was HOME for them- so everyone was partaking! I sat at the bar (sipped my club soda) and watched tray after tray of tequila shots whiz by.

    Anyway – it wasn’t hard, and frankly I was really happy that I had my compete wits about me- and may have gotten myself a new client- I would NOT have been quite as charming if i was pouring back the shots. Ive always thought that booze was helping me– and my career. I even spoke about this in previous entries on this site And now after my two weeks of sobriety- I have really accepted that Drunk M is NOT quite as charming as she previously believed! I REMEMBER exactly what I said last night, and what my potential client said, and how I will follow up- and I even got home and posted some pics on social media to keep the conversation going. its awesome.

    And the Bonuses: cheap night (tipped the bartender $5 for serving me two free club sodas) safe drive home, bed time ritual (makeup off!) Cozy sleep and then waking up with an almost child-like joy- of “OH! I didn’t drink last night! yay! Good for me!) haha!

    The Sober Positives WAY outnumber the Drinking Positives…. gotta hang on to THAT!

    Here is to a #soberweekend my fellow #warriors. Make it Great! xoxoxo

    • Your post made me smile. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Happy #soberweekend !

    • I would have loved that night out @womackm but the place where it was held would have driven me straight back to hell. So big well done in keeping yourself sober, that must have been so hard. Thanks for commenting on my post I really needed to shame alcohol last night as it’s been calling me for a couple of days now. x

      • ugh. Sorry @lucy that that the tricky compelling voice is calling you…. just hold tight. nothing lasts forever. thinking of you : )

        • Yes the sober positives sure do outweigh drinking positives!!! I’ll hang on to that as well! I’m with you on that and yes, let’s make it a great day!

    • Nothing better than a sober morning after a flash-back kind of night to remind just how much the positives outweigh the negatives. Yup. Great day!

    • rocking it!!! Love this story x

    • Perfect. WAy to go!

    • Great post! I think the only one who believes that a drunk person is charming is the drunk person itself. I really love to keep track on drinking people sometimes. Although it is sad in a way it’s therapeutic for me (I must try not to become arrogant, I’ve been like this before) to see, how they start fooling around, acting shameless, talking to loud, repeating everything, loosing dignity… Nice people by the light of day, changing into something like a three year old zombie hardly able to walk or talk. You’re doing so absolutely right!

      • So True @Happy2019 – as i was telling my friend yesterday – when you start to drink you are little more fun and outgoing, but there is ALWAYS a tipping point…. into the ugly! haha!

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