• wiser4it posted an update 1 week ago

    Reading Mrs D is going within. So on point with the emotional mood swings…day 40. Eating like a horse mega sugar overload. Sleeping is not to good at moment. But greatful to be sober brave and amazing. Hope this finds you all well. X

    • yep the sugar thing is hard eh. Day 40 is great.

    • elais replied 1 week ago

      Well done, 40 days! I’m on day three and feeling proud so go you!

    • congrats on day 40 xx. I am also on day 40 and can relate to your post. I don’t normally eat much chocolate but have been over indulging a little.

    • I’m on day 44 just a smidge ahead and actually today is the first day I haven’t eaten almost a full jar of marmalade. Totally random as I never used to eat it before but by day 3 it was all I could think about. That and no booze my kids are convinced they have a sibling on the way! 😂😂😂 but Yup seemed to have eased right off today. God I hope so or I’m gonna end up huge with no teeth 😢

    • Have you tried setting up a bed time routine? I finally got my lifelong insomnia under control after a few sober months but it took some work, no caffiene after noon, no screen time for the last few hours of the day and going to bed at the same time made a huge difference. Consistently sleeping seven hours a night, don’t even use an alarm clock anymore.

    • I am on another craze – had better shut up, but have to ask, have you checked out keto eating? It has changed my life – more than A/F, more than cutting caffeine way down. I now have real regrets I didn’t find out earlier.
      For over 20 years after babies, great healthy eating, gym, walking, active life, no weight loss. A few months of keto, 12 kilos gone, energy way up, don’t want sugar, clarity fantastic, never back pain or arthritic hands. And I am a minor event – if you join the NZ Keto site, the healing in people is truly remarkable.
      I think it might really help some with alcohol free living too – many on the site give up as they don’t like the effects (way stronger effect for some reason) and don’t feel the need.
      Happy days XXX

      • I’m feeling deprived of everything these days… don’t drink don’t smoke no drugs no gambling cut down on coffee. Feels like can’t do much adding to it no sugar…so frustrating. Don’t get me wrong I’m greatful for all the good things in my life. Will definitely look into keto have heard alot of good things.

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