• wiser4it posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Who is this Belle I’m hearing about?? Day 36 plodding along nicely.

    • Hi, she has the website tiredof thinkingabout She helped me with accountability. I like your screen name. 😃

    • Plodding along on Day 36 is very good indeed. Have you kept track of all your days accumulated? Don’t lose those precious days !

      • I kind fell off the wagon big time. Reset when I started on meds. Working like a dream so far…no cravings other than sugar. Hope you’re all good @morgan. Catch up when you’re in the naki again.

        • Need to get up there, missing the man, though I don’t really have time for him at present – just wish we could live a normal life… one day soon. Trouble is, I have a full time job now, no school holidays shock horror. Really a major difference in my life as although I was working like a maniac relief teaching and with my other casual jobs, I could choose to get away whenever.
          How are your romantic interests????.
          So good the meds are working – what a relief!

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