• Winner posted an update 1 week ago

    Is anyone else having trouble today @mrs-d ? Can’t read more on threads so can only read part of posts. Also when I
    Tap the following feature it’s just coming up as error 404 page cannot be found???❤️

    • OOh god why are there 3 of this 😂😲😂

    • k1W1 replied 1 week ago

      Yes I from Ipads (tried 2 different one, one at home and work one) I dont have a post button and peoples profile pictures dont show. When I log in on a desk top its the same until I refresh the page, but on ipad refresh doesnt work @mrs-d

    • YES!!! And I could not reply directly to your posts @k1w1 Or @Winner….I’m on my lap top now but was unable to get anywhere on Ipad. Completely lost my longish update…showed in my activity for a moment but would not post and now just vanished. @mrs-d

    • Same issues, must be a site-wide thing. oxooxx

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