• Wildchild posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Prompted by @prudence here’s a little update. I had an extensive ultrasound examination and went and saw the specialist afterwards and everybody is of the opinion still that it is a benign growth but may be borderline malignant as it has some aspects that are dodgy. Considering my health and bloods, the big picture points to a happy result though. She will attempt keyhole surgery on Monday and only open up if necessary, and I’m booked in for a laparoscopic bilateral salpingoopherectomy. Due to my age I don’t require my ovaries for much longer and my exercise and diet will compensate for the lack of estrogen. Have a busy couple of days at work to get things done and then a busy but lovely weekend and in between I have to finish altering my daughter’s ball dress for Saturday evening but I’m spending that night with my first girlfriends and a swimming pool as it’s forecast to be 40C. I’m really looking forward to getting this thing out, it is quite a lump, and getting on with my life. I can tell you I am so glad I don’t drink because I am the best I can be health wise and coping with the challenge of facing the fears has been rather uplifting in a weird way. I am weary though, bone weary, emotionally weary, and I’m not out of the woods yet. Still, it is all as good as can be expected and I am in very good hands. Much love. xxx @liberty @enzedgirl @mtedenmummy @begoodtomyself @morgan @mullycatnz @reena @april
    Good luck @emjaycee you have all of us behind you. xxx

    • Keeping my fingers crossed for good results!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You are incredibly strong!

    • Hey lovely thanks for the update. How did they first discover this thing? Love your positive outlook it’s very inspiring. x

      • @mrs-d I felt it. I’m pretty slim and noticed I was putting on weight around my tum but nowhere else. Thought maybe it was a mid-life thing, although not convinced. It took a few months for it to sink in that there definitely was something else going on. So it was a pelvic ultrasound and a CT scan that alerted the doctor followed by bloods (which were normal and tumour markers were not elevated) and more thorough examination, which showed the cyst had some aspects that appear malignant but the general consensus is that it is borderline at worst, benign st best. We shall see. xx

    • I know it will go well @Wildchild, You are going forward with strength and light. xx my friend,

    • I’m glad to hear things are looking good for you.
      Keep on taking good care of yourself!

    • many prayers and positive vibes your way, dear lady.

    • Thanks for the update @wildchild darlin, it’s sounding promising and I have some sense of what you mean about the uplifting. Love the sound of your weekend.Much love xxx

    • That sounds very encouraging, and yay for sobriety!

    • oxoxoxox Thanks heaps for the update, Wildchild! I am thinking of you and am looking forward to that big relief moment when it is all done and they give you the ‘all clear’. oxoxoxxo

    • We love you @wildchild thank you for sharing an update xxx

    • Thank you @wildchild for the update, on one level it must be hard to ‘share’ this information with so many… so many who care so much and who ‘get you’ in so many ways I’m sure but still it must be hard. So thank you. How inspiring your attitude and outlook on all of this is 💕 go well… and try to prioritise lots of self care through the next few days…

    • Good luck @wildchild 🙂

    • On your side, @wildchild. Hang in there, lil bear. xo

    • The very best of wishes coming your way , @Wildchild.

    • Sending u positive vibes and wishes for a positive outcome @wildchild💞🌸

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