• Wildchild posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    My *little health issue* escalated into a big one when the doctor sat me down, looked all serious like she was reading the six o’clock news, and told me the CT scan shows that I appear to have cancer. She told me she was sorry that she had to give me this news and is there anyone that she could call. It was like she was reading a different script to me. I felt like comforting her she looked so distraught. I think I might have said “what the fuck” or something similar and wiped away a tear, I do remember that my first thought was of my hair, superficial but perfectly natural I know. I demanded to read the report and by the time I got home my microbiologist trained, super geek powers endowed brother in Sydney had informed me that there is a 95% chance of ovarian cysts being benign. My research shows it to be more like 75% but I’m going with his, after all he’s got a degree in science and mine is in Shakespeare. What the duck would I know? I worked all weekend which was kind of a blessing, had a long convo with our @prudence on the phone across the Tasman, across the Nullarbor, and I’ll find out more at my appointment with the specialist tomorrow. I can’t possibly have cancer. I don’t feel sick, I’m still running every second day, and I’m too busy. I tell you one thing. Thank god I don’t drink. Had friends around last night and didn’t even think about having a glass of red with them. The bottle was right in front of me and it doesn’t cause any kind of tug even with the anxious cloud hanging over my head. First day back at school for the girls poor things. They’re handling my news well, probably because I am being my usual pragmatic self, which certainly has its downside. Righto . That’s my update. Sorry it’s a Clanger. With a capital C. Wasn’t going to share as I don’t want to worry you unncecessariky but it’s kinda good to document these things. I find I forget really easily. Much love. And it will be alright — I know it will. Or at least I’m 95% sure. xxxx

    • Oh… big squeezy hugs @wildchild, that news has me speechless… we have never met but I just want to wrap you up in a cozy blanket and make you comforting warm drinks and cook you delicious food… a bit blimmin useless all of that would be in summer!!! I love your attitude already… it’s okay to cry… lots if you need to and swear and be grumpy. I’m with your brother with 95% of ovarian cysts being benign… I’m guessing it will be surgery next and/or some kind of biopsy to confirm?? Take care, Arohanui across the Tasman 💕

    • @Wildchild, the way you’re handling this news is very strong and inspiring. Healthiest thoughts your way, yes you will be okay. You are okay. Your brother’s stats are right. BIG hugs!! I will look for more updates in the future. xx

    • Sending prayers for you across the ocean; and you’re right: thank god you’re sober cause it would suck to have to deal with both things at once.

    • Shit! Shit! Ok, sending you lots of positive karma from the USA. Lots of it!

    • @wildchild sending positive thoughts and prayers your way x

    • Wow! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending all the positive vibes I can your way in hopes that they have got this wrong ❤️❤️❤️
      Massive massive congratulations on not drinking last night, you are such a strong woman!
      Wow, big big hugs lovely!!!

    • oxoxooxox Lots and lots of love your way.
      It sounds like they found a mass around the ovaries.
      Did they do a biopsy yet, or has the doctor just glanced at the scan and then made the assumption it is cancer?
      Please do NOT feel like you have to answer any of these questions, this is a very personal and scary experience.


      I remember Googling statistics of my brain tumor being cancer, and then a few months later thyroid nodules, same stuff. 95% of those (or more…) are benign. Even IF it is the big C-word, there is sooooooo much medicine can do so that it is a non-issue after treatment.

      My mom had severe bleeding in her 50’s and a scan showed a HUGE mass (over 5cm) in her uterus. It turned out to be a benign myoma, which are very very common in women. She opted to not have surgery since the chance of it ever becoming malignant was so small. She’s still running around with her 5cm ‘friend’ 20 years later, but of course it was a huge shock until we knew what exactly it was.

      Another friend of mine had cancer in her uterus a few years back (in her 40’s) and they cut it all out, no trace left of it. Huge shock..she’s just coming down from it. Doctor told her at no point in time was the medical team concerned because the chances of it becoming real bad were so very slim.


      Hope, courage, energy.
      You will get through this and you will be ok.

      We’re here if you need to talk, or just someone to sit next to you for a while.

      (I apologize if I didn’t use the right words……When I got my brain scan/tumor stuff over a year ago life was fucking awful and nothing anyone could have said would have helped me. I just felt alone and like shit and like this wasn’t happening to me….and everyone else was suddenly ‘out there’ and me ‘in there’, separated by a sheet of glass.

      Extra hugs.

    • You are in my thoughts and prayers.
      You appear to me to be a very strong woman.
      You will get through this bump in the road.

    • @wildchild my heart and prayers are with you. Ovarian c is pretty dangerous but so much they can do these days. I had cervical and uterine. I’m sending positive vibes your way.

    • Oh fuck @wildchild.

    • Wo . Sending tons of good and positive loving vibes to you . You are in my thoughts .xx

    • Xoxo thinking of you!

    • jeepers golly motherfucker that’s a big life stress right there, I love your attitude and I think I’m the same with these things.. hope hope for good news.. big hugs. You for sure a sobriety superstar not feeling the tug of the wine in this circumstance STUPID CARCINOGENIC SHIT! Yes it certainly is a fantastic time to be sober xxx

    • That’s a BIG deal, @Wildchild, sista. Prayers as this ‘event’ unfolds for you. And, your sober azzz, thank God. On your side.

    • Bugger. Hope you don’t have to wait to long for an update. Best you stop reading stats and Dr Google until you have a def diagnosis. Take care xx

    • Well,.Jesus That is definitely a clanger and Thank You for telling us. 💚💚💚

    • Thinking of you @wildchild

    • Oh @wildchild i am so sorry to here this…yes, hoping its NOT C…but, man oh man, the waiting process and the bomb drop news you had to /have to endure. I HATE this for you!!! i am sending you hugs, kickass strength,guidance and peace from God(or higher power,whatever works for you) And knowledge is power…but try not to analyze or go into the what ifs…”dont put the cart before the horse”(Iowa saying…and easier said than done)
      So glad the booze is a distant memory for you….stay strong and i am glad you told us. We are behind you!!

    • shit. hoping she is wrong. Lots of love and a big hug beautiful lady. x@wildchild.

    • Sending love and hugs lovely @wildchild xx

    • My lovely lady! Hope you can get definitive answers (like get it the hell gone) ASAP. Hugs x

    • Big hugs @wildchild and fingers crossed that further investigation shows its benign xx

    • @Wildchild I’m a bit slow to get on the old tablet today, it’s nearly 9 o’clock at night. I’m very pleased you’ve told everyone whats going on because I SO wanted to last night, and this morning, but I know it’s not my stuff to tell. Big day here today. Bit of a heat wave, just got in from watering. Hope you are feeling okay this evening. Every little thing gonna be alright. Just like you know it is. Big hugs xoxo I must say I’d hate to see what I’d be like if this nasty shit was happening to me!! I’d be a baby. NOt a tough Amazon like you oxoxo

    • You sound so brave, I hope that is your intuitive knowledge all is well.
      You would indeed think of your beautiful hair. Not many of us have such a special crowning glory.
      Email imminent xxxxx

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