• whynot posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Now recovering from orthopedic surgery. First couple of days I took pain pills to manage, but I’ve weaned myself. It’s funny how I hate the strange loopy out of it feeling on Percocet, but once loved the familiar loopy out of it from alcohol. It gives me some insight into the lie that alcohol brings pleasure. I had to train myself to feel that as pleasurable. Now I’m happy to have a clear head even if I’m stuck in bed. A bit of pain won’t kill me…. but boredom might. 😆

    • Hi @whynot! Hope the pain eases up soon. Yeah, I know what you mean about change of feelings about looniness. I opted for gas the last couple of times at the dentist’s for fillings and it brought back a lot of feelings and I had high anxiety about it. And even craved a cigarette, like I would if I were partying. Rest easy, xo

    • Hope you recovery quickly. It is interesting to note how the brain processes those loopy case scenarios. Glad you weaned yourself so fast. 🙂 Get well!

      • Thanks for the well wishes.

        • Yes of course @whynot…I literally have six surgeries I’m facing to try and get myself to a maintenance place, it’s like I turned 50- quit drinking and then fell apart. Sending you positive energies.

    • Amazing point. When I had a little bit if a slip up in 2017 I realised that how I actually felt after one glass of wine was slightly nauseated. What a plonker!!! 😂😂😂

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