• velvetdove7 posted an update 5 days, 20 hours ago

    I am on Day 14, sleep was so bad for the first 5 days. I felt like I was on auto pilot. It seems to be getting better. In reality when I was drunk on wine, my sleep was horrendous! I may have fell asleep fast, but waking up 3 times a night is not “good” sleep! I rather have the sleep I am having now than that drunken sleep. I think in the beginning I was just looking for excuses to drink ….blah blah blah… “just 2 drinks will help me sleep” Glad I toughed it out to make 14 days today.

    • Welcome to the group! This place has been key for me, I check in a couple times a day. One of the best things about being AF is the quality of sleep, it takes a bit to get there but it is worth it. I have recently discovered melatonin and it works really good on nights that I need a little extra help.

    • Congratulations and welcome! You made it through the first two weeks which is tough.
      Your sleep should get even better with a bit more time, your body is healing still.

    • My daughter gave me one of those newfangled step counter watches that also tracks your sleep. I couldn’t believe the difference in just a few days of being AF. Keep going. It’s so worth it.

    • Hey there Velvetdove7. Welcome. I am a new member too and am finding this online community a fantastic support. I go to bed every night grateful I am feeling tired and sleepy naturally…not because I am passing out. I wake every morning soooo grateful that I am sober and not hungover – retching, exhausted, guilt-ridden, panic striken…
      Every morning I go into the kitchen to make my cup of coffee and have some moments of mindfulness before the house erupts and I look at the canvas abpve my stove that reads “Today is a new day” and I breathe deeply and happily. I am so grateful to be sober.
      Congratulations on 14 days !!!! 🙂 You rock!

    • @velvetdove well done you !

    • Congrats on 14 days – that is fantastic!

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