• truthangel posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Shouldn’t be feeling so miserable sober. Got an appointment with CMHS on Tuesday. I can’t go on roughing it out alone. Just want to cry all the time and have no energy. It’s all got too fucking hard.

    • Hoping you can find peace and relief @truthangel. I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that alcohol isn’t it. 6 months AF is a hell of an achievement! Peace xxxx

    • Hi @truthangel. 6 months is an epic achievement. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well. Good idea to have yourself checked out. Could be something very simple that helps you turn the corner – but drinking definitely won’t help. Sending strength and good wishes to you.

      • There is no plan to drink. It’s the fulltime work which includes night shifts over the weekend and my studies. I’m exhausted and didn’t sleep well after last nights shift. I’ve just given notice to let go the night shift and accept day time and afternoon casual work instead. I have a long term permanent roll that’s 5 days a fortnight and just need 3-4 casual shifts to replace nights. There are always heaps of shifts going with this organisation. Doctor wants me to quit the nights. They just don’t agree with me.

    • From your previous post, it sounds like lack of sleep and night shifts are the problem @truthangel. I agree with @stevef…..sobriety is not the problem. Things would actually be harder with alcohol. Take care of yourself!

      • I’m not blaming being sober. It’s too important. It’s the night shifts and I’ve given my notice. It’s life that’s got too hard and alcohol would only make things worse. Sober is the only thing I have going for me.

      • Sorry I read that wrong. Hang in there……i hope things get easier soon!

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