• truthangel posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Hi all. Made it to 3 weeks, Hard day at work today. Have a client at the residential who has been in hospital with an impacted bowl as a result of his medication. Has been in hospital with pain after that happened, In his risk notes it states that constipation as a side effect of this medication is dangerous and he has been put on some stuff that is supposed to make things run smoother. Well today he showed up 10 minutes before the end of my shift in pain. As instructed in his notes I gave him some paracetamol and was going to wait to see if things calm down re pain but he got worse, was yelling out what are you going to do and was very agitated and grunting. As he has a mental health condition i didn’t want to take him to ED as he could have a long wait with his pain and things could have got bad. He would have been very agitated too. So I called ambulance. I thought his abdomen looked like it had grown bigger. Well the ambos turned up. One of them came to the office for the clients medication and he was so rude, arrogant and just down right bullying. I couldn’t believe it. He asked, ” do you have any idea how many times we’ve come out to this place. I said no. And he said 8 times since November. I explained this guys situation and he just wasn’t listening. Its a residential for older people with mental health challenges. He went on about having to have a plan for this person. If that wasn’t enough he went on about being called last week when there were no staff and one of the clients was on the floor from a fall. He went on to say that the man concerned behaved like an idiot. I was so bummed out. That client is now in hospital with small fractures on his vertebrae, caught pneumonia in the hospital and is now on oxygen. The rude ambo also attacked the organisation and then he was interrupted by his partner who said he thinks our client should be transported to hospital and said his stomach was very tight and hard. I said I think it has grown bigger from when I saw him this morning. So our client went off to hospital in the ambulance. That ambo guy was an asshole. i told him he needs to have that conversation with our team leader. I simply do the best I can to help our clients. I am going to write an email to the Team leader and tell her I also want to make a complaint to St Johns. Our client has a life threatening condition and I couldn’t leave him for the next person coming on the next shift. We have an on call for after hours so I called them to let them know whats happened with our client and they get informed if the hospital decide to send him home then they get in touch with the support worker on duty. The residential doesn’t have staff 24/7. Went out and bought some yummy treats. Going through the tonic water. Got some salted caramel ice cream for tonight. Managed to go through the supermarket without thinking about alcohol. It left me rather shaken up. It took me a while to collect my thoughts and write my notes and i left an hour later. So its nice to be home in a quiet place with my cats. I’m an introvert and get tired easily from being around too many people.

    • @truthangel I’m so happy for you! Congratulations on a job well done. I’m so sorry you went through that. I was in geriatrics for a while and it was too upsetting and disheartening seeing situations like that and not being able to help or do anything. I’m sorry! You are a hero for doing that job. xoxoxoxox Enjoy your quiet place and ice cream.

      • These people range from 56 to 70 and they have aged so much more than the general population because of medication and trauma. Some of those anti-psychotics have serious side effects. Even with the medication they still hear voices. All we can do is make them comfortable and keep their environment clean and tidy. they get everything done for them and the place is quite a nice house. Makes me feel really fortunate. Some people get dealt shitty cards.

        • @truthangel you are a generous loving soul. It so true life is more than unfair to some and kudos to you for trying to help make it better for them. I get triggered with men like that because of my aggressive Dad too. But my response is that I put them in their place now (not saying you should have at all)…I so do not appreciate that type of attitude but compassion fatigue is a real issue in healthcare in general. Great job on yummy treats. You are doing so well!

    • Wow, that’s pretty horrible for you. You definitely should make that complaint! As if you didn’t have it bad enough dealing with difficult patients, you have to put up with abuse from the paramedic. He is not the sort of guy I would want coming to help my family if they needed an ambulance. I hope he gets reprimanded over it.

      • It was triggering for me. i had an aggressive and violent father. Although I’ve forgiven him and did some work around it My body and limbic brain react and I can’t control it. its in my cellular memory. I cant think straight for an hour or so after. If i was drinking i would have tanked up on beer at the bottle shop on the way home. Loaded up on tonic water instead.

    • that ambo guy sounds like he needs some time out. Love your yummy treats – you did good! x

      • You are so right Mrs D. He is probably burnt out. Its called compassion fatigue in the my field. Self care is so important.

    • Especially aholes like that ambulance guy. Geez. Enjoy your cats and quiet!

    • what a day, @angeltruth. thankfully in 24 hours a day runs out and we get another try. may this 24 hours be better, cuz that one felt like it was a shit the way you told it. be well.

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