• Trace posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Day 5 and still having the worst emotional week. Away with extended family and I’m currently sitting in a park crying so that’s how that is going. On my phone so not really scope for a long post. Just overwhelmed by sad at the moment. Still about belonging I guess. About feeling valued and valuable. Dreamt about old friends all night so there’s the trigger. Wonder how long for this weather system to move through. Time to put happy face on if I can. Feel like 5yo me that needs a hug. Xx

    • Awww lovely big hug from me xxx. Look after yourself and take it easy today ❤️

    • **hugs** ❤️

    • Big hug from me too. It’s great awareness to know your 5-yr old needs care. And good for you for sticking this out.

    • hey there @Trace, you are loved…. big hug.

    • Lots and lots of hug, sweet sweet Trace. I promise you this wave WILL pass. I had a similar day actually last night for a wee bit, feeling like I’ll never belong, some odd dreams with people from the past in it.

      Be gentle with yourself.
      Maybe a hot shower and early bedtime with Netflix tonight….. oxoxox We love you and are here for you.

      It is going to be ok.

    • Oh @Trace I wish I could give you a big hug right now. In the moment things can hurt us so much, but remember we are all here for you, and it is so great that you reached out to the right place and we can all support you. Much love JenB ❤️

    • This will pass. Give yourself a hug. A good cry will make you feel better!

    • @Trace I am hugging you here from OH!!! I hate that you are feeling this way…I can SOOO relate. Remember we are here! You are not alone. And curses to booze…its bad shit. You don’t deserve it !! ❤

    • argh. days like that, yuck. hugs.

    • Aw @trace sweetheart, big big hug. ❤

    • Ah, Id give you a big ole hug! 💚💚💚

    • Well hon, it sounds as if things can only get better xxx i bloody hope it is soon and even happened today. Big hugs xxxxx phone too, dealing with dementia rellie far from home, pretty tense even though my lovely man is with me and soothes her a lot. Report in tomorrow xxx

    • Sending peaceful thoughts x

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