• TipsyToeGal posted an update 6 days, 21 hours ago

    Site seems to be running incredibly slow, I cannot respond to posts and when I click “read more” it takes me to people’s profile pages. I also cannot post an update from the main members feed page. (no post update button to click). I have to go to my own profile page to post anything.

    Just wanted to post an update that I have an appt. with my attorney Thur. morning to discuss this latest harassment ex-narc man from Oregon is pulling on me (see my previous post). I’m so over this….. sigh.

    • Great I hope lawyer had some answers for you. Site is acting all strange I have no post button on my ipad from phone I can buy it took me to your profile page when I hit comment in members feed. On a desk top at work it seemed to run okay. Anyway good luck with lawyer

    • Thanks for posting, I am having exact issues with site. Just trying to wear you down, but too bad little man, she is bigger and smarter and stronger than you. You better run fast the other direction little man, or this lady gonna mow you right down. You got this.

    • How frustrating to still have to deal with this BS. Good luck @tipsytoegal.

      • @robynb. dang straight. If all of this is his blowing hot air again, I am literally going to ask my atty to go to the judge and have a bench warrant put out for his arrest for violating my restraining order on him. Put his ass in jail for a few nights, that outta chill his ego. The bail is set already at 7500 dollars (judge tripled the standard dollar amount when he issued the order). His brother/sister lives over 3 hours away, they would be the only ones who would be able to bail him out.

        @Liberty….I snickered at your post… BS is actually his initials. LOL.

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