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    Ok, need some “calming words” right now. I got a call earlier today from someone who did not identify themselves at first (my first red flag) but the number came from a legitimate number in Oregon (Brookings). So I answered it. A man started saying “hi, I’m just following up on an investigation into something about you and a man named… (and he paused a bit as if he was trying to figure out the pronounciation the name of crazy narc man in Oregon which is NOT hard to pronounce)….he says “I understand there was some harassment and stalking that he said you did?” I did not reply. I said “what is this regarding?” And then he asked some other weird, open ended questions trying to get me to talk. I said “I do not understand what this is in regards to as I am not aware of any investigation of any kind.” And he said “well when reports of this type (WHAT type…?) come in, we. have to follow up on it.” And I said “and who is “we.” And he said “department of social services of Oregon.” And I said “the last thing we were involved in was a court hearing in April.” I did not give details nor did I give any other information to him. He kept pressing me. He said “well, there is a claim you were his caretaker.” I openly stated I was NOT his caretaker. (and there are records for this to prove it). I said “look, I am not comfortable discussing this with you without speaking to my attorney first.” At this point, he got nasty saying “Ok, you mentioned lawyer so I will let you contact them first..since you are unwilling to cooperate.” I said “I am not unwilling to cooperate, I just want to know what my rights are in this situation as I do not know who you are or what this is regarding.” Then there was a pause. I then asked him for his name and he goes “if you would let me speak (??? nobody was speaking??), I was about to tell you my name.” He gave it to me and I recognized it as the head of DHS of Oregon. I thought, wow, he’s really unprofessional. He then blurted out “are you still in Oregon?” I then repeated “I’m not giving you any information at this time until I speak to my atty. This will go one of two ways, either I will need you to put in writing what it is exactly that you are looking for or what you are contacting me for or I will need to have you speak directly to my atty.” It was just the most bizarre conversation. I did verify that the number that he called from WAS from DHS in Oregon and that name is one I know to be of someone who is a high end person who works there.

    So WHY didn’t he give me his name upfront and be more professional?

    Either it is really this person and he was INCREDIBLY unprofessional or this asshat in Oregon had someone impersonate him to get information from me. I dunno, it is all so weird. And if he DID file charges on me (claiming STILL that I “abused an elderly disabled man”) then WTF????! He won’t leave me the hell alone! There isn’t anything he has on me. I have not had ANY contact with him since Jan 23 via email to tell him to leave me alone and I am done. Other than being in a courtroom together in April where I contested his frivilous restraining order on me and WON, (where I didn’t even LOOK at him) there has been nothing else.


    I did contact my attorney and we have a phone conference scheduled for Thur. morning. I sure hope to hell I do not have to fly out there again!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!

    • Impersonation seems likely as its strange he wasnt more upfront and professional – can you ring back the number from your phone to see if goes to the office or just a random person. Or use an excuse to ring the office and see if he rang you.

      • I thought of doing that but based on how effed up this nutter is, I thought I’d just wait till I talk to my atty on Thur. The guy who called said he’d give me “a week” to reply. I’ll let atty call it. BUT…. I do know the number itself to DHS in oregon is legit as is the name the person gave me.
        Doesn’t mean he is the ACTUAL person who called me though. But if he wasn’t… ohhhhh I’m gonna nail this nutter’s ass.

    • You reacted perfectly and your attorney will step in here and look into this madness. This sounds very fishy to me as proper legal charges need to be in writing and cannot just be randomly announced over the phone by someone who does not even identify himself at the beginning of the conversation. Give yourself a high five. You did well here today. oxoxoxoxxo

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