• TipsyToeGal posted an update 1 week ago

    Day 195.

    ah poo…. I had a big, long post yesterday, and came here this morning to find it poofed away… 🙁

    Short story.. still trucking along.

    • oxoxox Oh no…hugs if you want one. I hate disappearing posts after pouring it all out. It never comes out as well the second time and of course I keep forgetting to copy/paste it into a Word document just in case to be safe. Every.time. Lol. oxoxox

    • and….200 coming up for you so soon!!!!

    • NOOOO! I was just thinking last night that this had not been mentioned for ages, @Mrs-d ?
      Did you tag anyone? hey will have it in email or notifications and can repost. Back to remembering to tag, save as go if long – or even if short and precious, as every post is XXX

      • I’ve seen posts that it has still been happening. A couple times to me as well. I should have copy/pasted!

    • k1W1 replied 1 week ago

      I like your short story, says a lot in one sentence – brave, sober, achievement, consistent 🙂

    • Its all good guys! I was in a reflective mood and thinking back over the past 2 years of drama and how far I’ve come through it all. And how @mari135 says “we are not at fault!” And it is so true because another quote I heard once has really stuck with me. It says” Nobody gets up in the morning and says ‘how can I best screw up my life today.” No. we do the best we can, even if we at times consciously sabatoge ourselves at times.
      But being sober, what that does is give us the opportunity to gain WISDOM… which helps us GROW. Rather than stay stuck in the same “insanity” (doing the same thing but expecting different results) loop we stay in when drinking.

      So yea, that was the jist of it. 🙂

      Enjoy sober wisdom my friends!

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