• TipsyToeGal posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Day 188

    G’morning folks. Checking in on this beautiful, sunny and quickly becoming humid day! Even though it is sunny, it is a hazy sun as it has been for the last week due to the wildfires in Canada (I’m in MN). Everything in my garden has sprouted and is growing nicely, I did some more cleanup around the yard with my newly fixed (by me) garden tractor trailer and am settling into a weekly routine with my 10 clients I have (I do homecare for them). One of my clients is not through the company I work for though, it is the father of my bestest friend from childhood who is also like my 2nd father. Having just lost my own father last year, it is a special joy to be helping him now that his wife has passed. I wasn’t here for my own father like I would have wanted to be since I was in Oregon last year but I can be there for him. Last week I taught him to make hard boiled eggs and hawaiian chicken breasts in his Instant Pot! We had so much fun and he totally caught on to it!! Hoping to expand his recipe choices (I am creating a small binder of recipes for him to refer to) so that he doesn’t succumb to the “eating out” or “microwave food” habit that a lot of older folks get into. Seems to be working!

    I’ve also decided to drop back down to the ONE flute choir group that I like the most (Flute Cocktail is their name. 🙂 ) instead of a 2nd one that I thought I could juggle too. It was proving to be too much to do both, especially when I start school in the fall which is on Tue and Thur nights. 2nd flute choir group is on Wed. nights. Don’t want to be tying up 3 nights a week like that right now, along with working during the days as well.

    The prior Type A busy body me would have taken it all on and then some…but I am learning to have balance in ALL areas of my life right now and down time is just as important to that.

    Am a little worried about my older yorkie Kokomo who is 13. He has that “old man” look that dogs get, kinda skinny (no matter how much I feed him) and his bones creak and crack all the time. He walks gingerly most of the time but doesn’t seem like he is in any obvious pain. Just a little less lively than he usually is. I know we’re entering his later years now and I’m so glad I am able to be with him during this time after having not been for the last year when I was in Oregon. I would have regretted it so much if anything had happened to him while I was gone.

    Ok, not much else going on. Most especially, NO DRAMA! haha! Had ENOUGH of that over the last 2 years. :). I have a couple hours until my next client so I’m going to go soak up some sun before I go! Ciao!

    • Ohh always such a privilege to get a glimpse-visit into your life, girl!!!
      I love hearing what you’re up to and how you get into such a good self-care habit of reducing things like the commitments you make so that life feels comfortable for you. You deserve to design a life that sparks joy.


    • Lovely. Yes yes yes, no more drama. Many say we look for it/create it/ attract it – but really? I guess I did with my husband, I did know what I was getting into – but in the end, it was the need for babies that drove it. I did propose to a lovely, calm man. Unfortunately he had just taken up with someone … I should have fought for him as we were gooood, but I couldn’t do that to another woman, no matter how inappropriate they were, or how brief it had been.
      Never mind … the biblical view is that we are now remade pots aren’t we? or burnished in the fires 🙂 🙂 😉 sure are

    • Wow, just listen to you! Fantastic. If you are looking for some evidence that stopping drinking is worthwhile then look back at some of your posts 200+ days ago. You are flying! well done.

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