• Day 7 for me….again. But it is a beautiful Saturday and I am sober. Used to be such a rare thing for me because I was usually hung over on Saturdays. Love having a clear head!

    • @TinaJeanne a clear head and a sweet sleep, nuthin’ better! Way to go!

    • Go girl!! So good!!
      I am at day 24 – Iā€™m going to AA which has been incredibly helpful.
      I remember those hung over mornings – most days of the week for me unfortunately.
      I bet you are sleeping really deeply and getting a far better quality rest too… xx

    • Well done on a whole week sober @tinajeanne those hangover free weekends are always a joy… that never gets old. X

  • I realize I have not posted here forever, but I just finished Mrs. D’s book and loved it. Thought I should give this website a chance again. I just returned home after a winter stint in the south. I remained sober for a great deal of that time, going for a wopping 50 days in a row at one point. A part of me would like to get past the point where I still want a drink everyday, but just have not been able to get that far. I must admit I feel so much better while sober. I have been drinking for over 40 years, however, I am in my 60’s and am wondering if this is even possible?? Any suggestions.? Am I too late in the game to make this reality??

    • It’s never to late to change your life! I was 67 when I became alcohol free after spending the majority of my adult life drinking. It definitely IS possible to become alcohol free and once you do that….. the possibilities are endless! Join us. We’ll help you turn that 50 into 500, but you’ve got to take that first step and don’t ever look back. You’re not going that way. Your sober future is ahead of you! šŸ™‚

    • Anything is possible! You can do this šŸ™‚

    • @TinaJeanne I am just hitting my sixties and have had similar thoughts but hey I’m going for it – why waste even more of my life – come join us. @soberlynn you are so encouraging, a shining example,

    • Hi @TinaJeanne I am also 67 years old and I wondered if I could become AF after drinking a bottle (and sometimes more) every day for the last 37 years. I never touched alcohol until I was 30. I am now 25 days AF and I feel great. I know I can’t moderate, have tried so many times. It’s never too late, so let us older members rock on.

    • Never ever too old!! I had my first drink at 15 and finally hit the off button November 2014. It has. The first few weeks were really hard, but it really does get easier. Like so many of us here, I have found a calmness I never new. I am happier, more focused, confident (even took on a part time job, which I could never have done while drinking) BUT the biggie, I like the person I see looking back at me in the mirror. Be kind to yourself, take one day at a time and keep checking in here. I don’t post often but get so much encouragement just reading what these amazing people on here share. You can do it!! xxxxx

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. It was exciting to see messages pop up right away from this web site. Not quite sure how it works, but would like to have a connection with others in same situations. I have tried Belle and was in her challenge for awhile. I also follow sober blogs. I will post more soon. Happy to be here!

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