• timidwarrior posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    I went to my first sober gig last night! I saw Halestorm play at the powerstation and had the best time!
    I was supposed to be going with a friend however she had to cancel a couple of hours before hand because she was sick. That instantly got me anxious, going out places like that by myself gives me so much anxiety and the first thought in my head was I’ll just get drunk before I go so I can get rid of my anxiety!
    Thank goodness I had a session with my therapist yesterday before the gig and we talked about my anxiety and what it was based on and made a couple of big break throughs! I am so grateful for my therapist and her belief in me and constant encouragement! If I hadn’t of had that appointment with her yesterday I either would have not gone or gone drunk and then today I would be hating on myself big time!
    But I went, I faced my fears, I did it sober and I had an amazing night!!! Music is my happy place. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself today ❤️

    • That’s so great!! My first concert sober was Chili Peppers, and I saw how much time people wasted lining up at the bar then the washroom. Concerts are waaaay better sober. You should feel proud! : )

    • It’s so cool when you show yourself what you are capable of, it’s like a happy wee surprise. My first concert sober was the Stones up in Auckland, went with 3 girlfirends who were all lining up at the bar then the toilets, not me though, I saw and heard every single little nuance going on onstage. Ron Wood putting his lit fag through the strings on the neck of his guitar, as he does, every smile of Keith’s lighting up the stage, Charlies big wide smile, it was just so fucking fantastic, and I so loved being sober for it, and it was a big surprise to me how much better it was. Sober concerts rock way more xox

      • That’s so awesome! The really drunk people stood out to me so much and I was so grateful not to be one.of them!

    • I remember my first sober gig – it was Elbow, British band who I LOVE. And boy was it AMAZING!! I love sober concerts they’re the best. Full assault of the senses, no need to be constantly going to the bar/toilet/bar/toilet. Just total enjoyment. x

    • Excellent – so glad you were brave and had a good time 🙂

    • Yay! So happy you had a good time and saw how much better it is sober!! I’m able to give things my full attention now, so I imagine a concert would be great.

    • That’s great, @timidwarrior!

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