• tim posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Sober crew
    Got a few days off yay
    Going campin in little river valley
    Hav meet a girl learning about loving and being loved,not being selfish and being honest
    Been single for many years
    So new emotions and feelings,steping out and making myself valuable (its a bit of a cutthroat word in the dating game)
    Thinking can be a problem for me over thinking and obsessing thoughts, self pity, resentment and anger are ones i realy hav to watch for.
    Im closing the door slowly to the old life.
    Everday is new and happy to still be alive
    God has been looking after me definitely as the crazy things ive gotten up to in the past,i could hav died 100 times over.
    Now its time to start careing for me,loving me
    And being emotionally available to family and friends!!
    God blez
    Peace lov n gratitude!!

    • Oh i ment vulnerable haha i am valuable haha

    • Happy New Year Tim! Congrats, hope it all goes well – you are valuable indeed! 😉

    • @tim so happy for you…very good attitude as well. You are hilarious- valuable. Glad to hear that you are branching out. I’m going to be doing the same here shortly!

    • Hi @tim, camping in a river valley sounds wonderful, as does a new love, yip try not to overthink it, learn from nature and just be present, you got this!

    • Awesome! Happy new year lovely! Best of luck with the new girl @tim! Yesterday you mentioned you are old? How old are you @tim??? ❤️❤️

    • So excited to hear about that girl! oxoxo You deserve to be loved, and you are lovable. I know easier said than done. Maybe for now try to remind yourself it’s ok to be happy and to feel light, and the answers to anything you might question will come in time. Try to enJOY this phase, whenever possible, and if the heavy thoughts come up maybe you can make a mental note like Tara Brach recommends “Thinking.” Sometimes just naming it like Buddhists do, can help create some space and relief. oxoxox

    • just drove through Little River @tim! Had some delicious food in the cafe there. We were camping at Okains. x

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