• tgrim posted an update 5 days, 5 hours ago

    Good morning! Having my a morning coffee relaxing to some Chet Baker and getting ready for this beautiful day ahead of me. Yesterday my teenage daughter who is 15 had a teen meltdown in the car in front of a store that was close to our home. Anyone who is raising a daughter this age can relate, I’m sure. Well once again we were disagreeing about something stupid but for some reason she took it to heart and got so angry, got out of the car and started walking home. Gota pat myself on the back for this new found calmness in my life. The old drinking me would have went bonkers over her behavior. Well the new me took a deep breath and then said to myself,… let her walk home. Whats the harm? It defused the situation.It was day light and therefore not as dangerous and to top it off we live up a huge hill so and it was hot out so she got a great lesson over this. When she got home I told her no way was she going to go scurrying into that room! I calmly tried to talk things out. WOW! I’ve never had these patient skills. I’m always losing my cool extremely fast! I love the new sober me. I had no idea how different I would become without that poison. I ended up texting her about an hour later telling her that I was sorry for blowing up and asking if she wanted to talk things out or just drop it. Of course her response was to drop it. So I then texted “I love you” and she responded back “I love you too”. This loving ending is so important because teen girls are very in need of love and not fighting all the time.They don’t look it, but they are very fragile. I honestly can’t believe the change in myself and I’m eagerly looking forward to learning more as the days go by. Man, do I deserve this!!!!!!! ALCOHOL SUCKS SO BAD.

    • Hi @tgrim I know about 15 year old girls, hormones all over the place. My step daughter has her boyfriend coming over later for dinner lol, she’s cleaned all the house without me even asking, so I’m happy. I find myself more calmer with both kids since I ditched the booze but they do upset me easily now where as before I’d flare up. But it’s all good.

    • hey @tgrim, this is exactly what happens to me since I’m sober. I’ve got teenage daughters and now I am able to behave like a patient, responsible adult and not like I was also 14y old! Go on 🙂

    • Ro replied 5 days ago

      Wonderful post. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Mega brilliance.

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