• tgrim posted an update 6 days ago

    On on day 48 and feel wonderful. It’s my new normal now. No more roller coaster rides for me anymore! Every day is calm and happy 😃 I just finished reading The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and in it the author dedicated a whole chapter to famous celebrities who are living sober and also included a quote from each of them. This was so surprising to me, I had no idea that so many people in Hollywood were sober! I mean they just don’t market this at all. I love the movies and Oscars and in a weird way kinda look up to these people. So I decided to go even further and google this subject. Well, there are a ton of celebrities who swear off alcohol and are very passionate about not having alcohol in their lives😳Come on, this is weird that it’s not talked about. Instead we have alcohol marketed to us like it’s the best thing ever! Commercials, magazine ads, sports events, almost all tv programs, etc…. Here’s a list of some of them
    Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Jada Pinkett Smith, Samual L Jackson,Elton John, Jack Osbourne and his sister Kelly, Kelly Preston, Denzil Washington, 50 Cent, Eminem, Keith Urban, Bruce Willis, Ewan McGregor,Toby Maguire,Tyra Banks, Kathy Griffin, Robert Downey Jr., Demi Lovato, Jim Carrey, Rob Lowe, Russell Brand,Jamie Lee Curtis,Gerald Butler,Dax Shepard, Joe Walsh,Eric Clapton, Jason Biggs, Travis Barker, Bradley Cooper,Rumer Willis,Shania. Twain,Tyler The Creater,Zac Efron,Kristin Davis, Christina Ricci,Naomi Campbell,Leona Lewis, Lucy Hale,Calvin Harris, Eva Mendes, Daniel Radcliffe,Ben Alfleck, Kim Kardashian West,Common,Logic,Pharrell Williams,Mathew Perry,Sarah Silverman,Dane Cook,Chris Marin,Jennifer Hudson,Tim McGraw,Nicole Richie,Carrie Fisher, Oprah Winfrey,Tom Hardy,John Mayor, John Goodman,Dennis Quaide, Josh Brolin,Steven Tyler,John Stamos, Danny Trejo,Edie Falco, Travis Barker,Alec Baldwin,Sia
    Ok, is anyone else surprised by all these names?????
    I feel that our society is flooded with the exact opposite information daily! That alcohol IS NEEDED for a good time. I mean isn’t that what each and every one of these celebrities feeding us on their movies and television programs? WOW is all I have to say. I was one of them who bought into it. I mean I didn’t even know that online support groups were on option the day I decided to quite. I honestly just knew of AA. I found this sight through google. I guess I just wish this country would finally start speaking the truths about alcohol just like they finally are about smoking. It’s glamorized everywhere!

    • Lucy replied 6 days ago

      It is marketed like it’s the best thing ever @tgrim and it bloody winds me up.. when your watching tele and adverts come on how a glass of wine is glamourous and needed to help relax.. it did none of that for me no matter how much I tried. The first addictive buzz I got I just wanted more and more.. my life was a mess. So many famous talented people here who have given the booze the boot.. and well done to you 48 days.

    • Wow, thanks for that, tgrim. Who knew? And for the book title…I’ll look it up…trying to find more reading matter. I myself was surprised just by the number of members on this site when I first joined up! It made me feel so much less alone!
      Arohanui to everyone out there tonight in all our sober-wonderfulness!

      • That book was ok, not one of my favorites. The Naked Mind is the absolute best at changing your perspective on alchohol. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without it. If you haven’t read it, then that’s the one you should get.

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