• Tewy posted an update 2 months ago

    DAY 34 AF …… and while I feel totally proud I’ve achieved 34 days suddenly there’s a desire to get trashed and “fuck it” and I just want it and I’m sick of drinking tonic water, and I’m sick of the constant battling and flip flopping of wanting a drink/resisting it and not wanting a drink, and I’m tired of the obsessive thinking about it, noticing it around me, seeing other people comfortably drinking, reading about alcohol and I’m just tired of feeling sorry for myself at being on this path and while I totally accept it was 100% me that put myself on this path … just feels soooo hard and I feel it like a physical pain ….. and anyway now it’s off my chest and it’s out there. Feeling grateful for a place to vent …. ggrrrrrr sometimes this just sucks.

    • JM replied 2 months ago

      Hi @Tewy! Yes, it definitely sucks sometimes. But so much better than the alternative. This helped me with the ‘fuck it’ impulse, comes from Belle from – she said if she ever were to drink again, it’d be okay if she did if she thought it through for a week, and after that, if she still thought it a good idea, she could have one, but she couldn’t have one on a ‘fuck it’ impulse. 34 days is amazing. Hang in there. : )

    • Im glad u got that off your chest @tewy☺. I totally feel u! Sometimes it’s super overwhelming and just sucks. I’m impressed with your effort. Congrats on 34 days. That rules!👍✌

    • It just sucks, then slowly – or sometimes suddenly, it gets way, way better and it seems unthinkable that we longed for a toxic carcinogen.

      • Thank you guys … it has just been a constant nagging feeling all day that I seem to have carried around like a dead weight and it’s just exhausting ….if I could I would just go to bed now at 7pm but I’m working a night shift tonight so simply can’t ….. I will just suck it up …..tomorrow is another day 😊

        • Great to overcome despite the dead weight. What a pity you can’t simply go to bed. It sure helps! Keep sucking it up, and soon a gorgeous pink cloud will drift your way.

    • Yep but truly it gets better. Remember the drinking you see around you is your romantic perception . You aren’t seeing the health relationship issues and eventual carnage for those drinkers. Normies are not huge in population more than half are problem drinkers in a self perpetuating denial . ❤️

    • sometimes, @tewy it does suck. but – most of the time it does not. be well.

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