• Tewy posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    So yay I did it … first social party AF …… didn’t want to go – anxiety central before I went, nearly just stayed in my safe cave but I didn’t ….I put my big girl knickers on and showed up …… had my chilly bag of tonic water and lemon lime bitters cordial ….. nobody even really noticed what I was drinking to be honest !! Got offered an alcoholic punch (which I know from previous experience of this one is delicious and lethal ) but I casually declined and said ……like it was a walk in the park and water off a ducks back ……“oh I’m just having a break from the drink for a while” 🤪🤪…… i didn’t particularly enjoy the evening I felt like a stranger in my own body and extremely awkward and self conscious ….eveybody else seemed to ooze so much confidence ……..but I’m proud I did it :).

    • Great job! You just built up some huge sober muscles. Mrs D has a great post on socializing without alcohol, and it actually allows you to focus more on connecting with others, enjoying the food etc. There was a time when it was inconceivable to me to go to a party and not drink. I mean what was the point?!! And now I love being free from that endless cycle of when I could grab my next drink. You’re doing great.

    • Fantastic @Tewy! That’s such a great feeling, waking up after a party not hungover. : )

    • Very well done! Like you despite being sober for nine months nearly I felt also very out of sorts at a social gathering recently. Didn’t know some of the people that well but the guy opposite me with some alcohol on board was a bit shouty and full on. Guess something to get used to. Like you left early, no real appeal to stay longer. ❤️

    • Good for you! You may have felt a stranger in your own body then, but I bet the world you were loving how you felt when you woke up the next morning hangover free and ready to face the day! Congrats to you. Well done!

    • I know exactly how you feel @tewy, good description “ feeling like a stranger in my own body” I mostly feel a little awkward now when people really start to get drunk, that’s when I jet!

    • Well Done @tewy! A great ‘first’ to get out of the way!!! Go you!!! 🙂

    • Hurray! That’s a huge sober muscle you built there! Now you know what to do for next time. Really, so proud of you!

    • congrats to you for going. it will get easier and easier to hang with those that drink. most of my friends drink, but suprisingly not as much as i thought they did when i first quit. be well.

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