• Tewy posted an update 3 months ago

    And so the turmoil last night passed and yay here I am Day 7 ….. awake early of course and so begins the racing mind again but it’s OK I recognise it and accept it for what it is …..simply that racing thoughts which I know is normal and expected,and in time will settle. The racing heart isn’t pleasant but it’s ok, that too will calm in time …..
    So things I learnt that helped last night …… a soak in a hot bubbly bath, my Spotify playlist, visualising how much better and healthier I will feel in time when I finally accept ‘me’ instead of numbing myself with poison, enjoying my aromatherapy candle, a little bit of chocolate, starting a new box set on Netflix and just watching one hour rather than trying to focus on a whole film, cuddling my dog and an early night!! Looking at my journal that I started …..well it’s resembling more of a kids scrapbook really 😂 and I write down thoughts, feelings, why I can’t drink, I stick in inspirational quotes I come across on the internet, I doodle in it, I have a picture of the wine witch that tries to sabotage me which I printed off and stuck in ….. visualising a revolting image of her helps fight her off!! I jot down books to read, websites and blogs to check out hee hee it’s truly like doing a massive school project !!
    AND finally the other thing that helped massively was YOU GUYS, thank you for your support, thank you for you comments …..they truly lifted me x

    • Omg what a great set of strategies you have there! Sounds like a lovely evening of self care. Beautiful.

    • Congratulations on day 7. So glad the lot of us have been helpful. Keep up the good work!

    • Well done on 7 days, me too, we will fight this together @tewy, we will x

    • I visualise that nasty wine witch as well. Sometimes when she’s nagging in my ear I think about kicking the shit out of her (not usually a violent person lol)

    • Tewy you rock! 7 days=1 WHOLE WEEK! That means tomorrow will start week 2!!! Yes ! The racing mind and pound heart will soon be gone (hated that!). Things will only get better with each day. Congrats to you!

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