• Tewy posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Day 6 and feel like my head is being crushed in a vice – I’m exhausted with the obsessive thinking about not drinking, stopping drinking, wanting a drink, fighting the urges, reading about alcohol, reading blogs, reading Mrs Ds book (which I love ), searching mindful meditations, watching Brene. Brown, googling withdrawal norms, ….. I can’t focus on anything else and I’m jumping around Netflix watching bits of things here and there cos I can’t concentrate … soda water and lime cordial over ice with lemon slice is just NOT cutting it ….. I’m wallowing in the bath just feeling incredibly sorry for myself tonight ……even the dog looks sad 😞. #thisreallysucks

    • Hi @Tewy I see you are “googling withdrawal norms”. You will find that this is normal and how it should be. It won’t last much longer… keep going. You’ve got to here, now make it a full week!

    • Yep thank you ….a full week will be good …..otherwise this week is then all wasted ….I tipped all my alcohol away on day one ( after ‘hiding’ it in the garage initially ….lol who was I hiding it from – myself ?! Like I would forget where it was ‘hidden’ how ridiculous …..)
      I can’t even have a drink anyway ……and I know in the morning all will seem better again ….maybe I’ll just go to bed soon and hibernate !!

    • @tewy hi there, it will pass! I can’t believe how much free brain time I have now. Hang in there… absolutely gets better and you will realize you are thinking about things you haven’t in years, it just takes a bit of time. xoxoxxoxo

    • Early bed times are an absolute necessity in early days!

    • @tewy hang in there! The early days can be very tough – we look at others enjoying a drink wondering WHY WHY WHY we can’t have one too. The reality, plain and simple, is that we have no off switch. The day I finally accepted I could not moderate, was the day I was set free! I started to focus on everything I was gaining (my life and soul back) vs what I though I was missing out on (which is nothing). Treat yourself with gentle kindness. You’re doing something amazing for yourself and the wine witch is not happy about it. Tell her she’s no longer in charge.

    • Looks like your doing all of the right things @tewy. Detoxing is tough but everyday gets a little better! Once your body begins to run without the poison you’ll be feeling fabulous!

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