• Tewy posted an update 3 months ago

    Hello Day 3 goodbye Day 2 …..feeling a bit foggy and a nagging headache which just could be stress but otherwise doing good …. I am surprised how much time I am spending thinking about and planning my journey to sober, reading articles, inspirational blogs, jumping in and out of here seeing what you are all up to, writing my journal, noticing how many ads on the tv are for alcohol offers, noticing people on the tv with a drink in their hand .. it’s quite exhausting and a bit obsessive !!?? I feel so determined I just want to absorb as much info as possible

    • JM replied 3 months ago

      Hi @Tewy! I found reading about sobriety – and still do – soo interesting. How other people stay on track, tools to stay sober, coping strategies, how life opens up and gets a lot better…Great that you’re on day 3, gets easier, the headache will clear soon I hope. : )

    • I also had the desire to read, to watch, to hear everything about getting sober! I still have – but now, after almost 90 days, it becomes less. But it is still important, because all these stories give you an idea about what life without drinking can be! It’s so wonderful and exiting to start into a new, better life! We all need to share this experience and reading about it is a way to understand what happens to us!

    • Well done! I’m right here with you! Keep going and UP THE WATER INTAKE!!! It will definitely help with the headaches! x

    • Good for you. I was obsessed with all things sober early on too. It kept me sober! It also fills up time until your natural imagination takes over with healthy, fun things to do. Yes! Lots of water. We get dehydrated at the cellular level and it takes a few weeks for your cells to turn over and get nicely hydrated. Thats why our skin and eyes brighten!

    • I really don’t think I’d be able to do this without the advice and insight I’ve gotten from reading about others experiences. That and the encouragement and support of all the warriors out there who are all on this same journey. The most important thing I’ve learned so far is to take good care of me. Be patient and forgiving. It only gets better.

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