• Temperance posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Who else made the heroic move to get sober, life improved so much and it’s all awesome, but then you have to find a way to deal with your general health because your coping mechanisms still kinda suck?
    I really want to get a little fit and eat a little better. But do you think I can put a sneaker on, or resist a chip?
    Anyway, I’m having a strong day, so I’ve signed up for an exercise program, one of those outdoor group training set ups and I’m just killing time until I go to my first class in half an hour or so. And I’ll probably do really, really well… for about a week. Gah. I guess I’ll worry about it then, hey? I’ll just get myself to this class tonight and call that a win, shall I?

    Hey ho, still love not drinking though – it does totally rule, even if motivation to eat well and exercise hasn’t been an overwhelming benefit.

    • Hey @temperence I’ve gained weight since quitting drinking! My daughter has challenged the family to 30 days no sugar and it’s fucking killing me!! Yeah fitness is a goal of mine too, I’ll get to it one day lol!

      • One day is totally fine. NO SUGAR! fuck me. Not ready for that, although I have reduced sugar in my coffee, which is a big step for me.

    • Me. No. Yes. Yes.


    • I think that it is just such a big shift to change the drinking habits that we tend to over compensate with treats to get by. But yep, shifting the coping mechanisms sideways, but while chocolate and chips might make us gain weight, they don’t make us lose our inhibitions, get aggressive or turn us into drunk drivers. So, let’s take it as a win. However, it sucks that the other habits like exercise and healthy eating take effort too – who made life like this? I am trying to get fit too, and not just for a healthier body, but for how it helps my mind. I can tell you I am very good at ‘reading’ about ways to lose weight, exercise and cook healthy meals!! Having said that I am trying and have built up over the last couple of months to do a slow 5k jog. LOL, go back 25 years I used to run marathons and half marathons regularly. @temperance, hope you enjoyed your outdoor boot camp and find it easier to don the sneakers for the next time.

      • Me too! Completely brilliant at researching the ways I’m going to get fit, eat better and totally change my life! I even plan it all out on a calendar. And then…nope. Tired.
        Anyway, I’ll keep trying.

    • Goodness @temperance that sounds like hard core fitness! Amazing bravery, I feel weak at the thought!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Enjoy, you are a long term shining light on the sober path, Iโ€™m sure you can do anything you put your mind to, maybe itโ€™s not quite your top desire, you have got to a place many of us are really planning on getting to – so day one for the fitness life hey! I would be very confident you can be a fitnesss guru too if you want to be x

      • Fitness guru.. hahahahahahahaha. Never happen, but I adore you for saying it. I’m gonna be the tubby one dying at the back of the pack for a long time yet, I’d say, but if I can keep showing up, that’ll be the big win for me.

    • Hey, Temperance, nice to see you, seems like our posts haven’t crossed in forever. Nice to see you’re doing well. Inspire me to get more fit, will you? I seem to be sliding in the wrong direction on that one. I don’t want to buy new pants.

      • Umm, I’ll try? so run @tom4500 run!

        Did that work? Are you inspired now?

        Anyway, class got cancelled, but I’m trying again tonight. Kickboxing tonight – still got my gloves from years ago, so I’ll at least look the part.

    • although my face looks better less puffy very little loss here either, or sustained routine. Onward @Temperance

    • Hahaha, just updated on my training session, which was cancelled! I rocked up and they were packing up! Sigh. Still, trying again tonight.

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