• teenybronco posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Reaching out to the community: I want to start today. Hoping there is someone out there I can check in with tonight to be accountable, maybe chat with on line? I’ve read Stan West’s book on understanding relapse, and want to try an array of new things. Anyone?

    • Lee@ replied 2 weeks ago

      Hi @teenybronco! Read his other book “Alcoholism in a Nutshell” as well, it helped me immensely. There’s nearly always someone here on this forum. It’s filled with lovely people and great advise! Get rid of any booze you may have lingering and start now. You will not be sorry!

    • The download links are here: Anyone is most welcome to take a copy if it might help.

    • Hiya @teenybronco. Someone’s usually on the site, somewhere around the world. How was your day (at school?)

      • Thanks, MalibuStacey! How are you? I appreciate the check-in. So helpful to know that there are live humans around the world to check in with! School was all right. I kept busy with chores after work and took dinner to a friend who is close to going into hospice. Even though that was hard, seeing her dealing with end-of-life issues with such strength and grace gave me some inspiration. I’m home now. There is no booze in the house. The witching hour is past, and I think I can make it to bed. So ends Day One.

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