• Teazy posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Had a wobble, it was one g and t…the thought came from nowhere, i was at home, tired and my hubby was having a beer in the garden, nothin unusual, suddenly i thought i fancied a leminade and poured gin in too….anyway it tasted horrible, i played the tape forward and didnt finish it….this sounds like a fail but actually its a big milestone. ive never had one and never ‘thought’ myself back out of a wobbke like this..onwards and upwards but dont get complacent folks, xx

    • It’s only a little wobble and you didn’t like it, thing that’s great, so I wouldn’t worry xx

    • That’s a big win, I think, to taste a drink and then put it away! Well done, and now you are that much stronger.

    • That’s huge! Well done for staying strong.

    • I know what a fail is and that was not a fail! That was a huge turning point for you. You can build on that. That’s a great feeling to hit the stop button and pour booze down the drain. Well done you! @teazy

    • Oh wow, thats not even a wobble, thats just flippen awesome!! Well done, you need to hard out be patting yourself on the back and nothing else!!

    • Great recovery, I love when the common sense kicks in! So hard to stop once poured, good on you!

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