• Teazy posted an update 2 days, 9 hours ago

    Had my first real challenge last night. Arrived at my mothers house in ireland to find my brother had bought me wine and was drinking. He was literally begging me to drink with him (hes a big binge drinker). I told them im not drinking any more as it gives me headaches and takes too much from me, days recovering etc (all true). He didn’t give up, for a long time but saw i was serious. The old me would have just drank the wine. Whats different this time is i pre empted this happening, prepared what i would say, visualised both outcomes, (if i drank how would the rest of the weekend go) and it worked! I scoffed a lot of candy instead and we all stayed up chatting and laughing until very late. Im so pleased with myself. Sadly by brother stayed up all night drinking, he needs help, an dwnt be able to join us for lunch out today as planned with other family members. Who knows maybe him seeing me happy and sober might encourage him too. Onwards and upwards, drinking is shit folks.

    • Well done you – what a legend 💪

    • Well done, an awesome outcome for you, and yes how lovely it would be if your brother decided to stop drinking.

    • That took strength and courage @teasy! Very well done!

    • @teazy – I love your forethought! So powerful.

    • I second the others. Legend!!! oxooxo And sorry to hear your brother is in the trenches right there…..that was me not long ago and him seeing you sober will definitely have planted a seed. It may not show today or tomorrow, but it stays with people. oxoxoxo Well done, you!

    • Wow awesome job!!! THAT’S how it’s done! 😉

    • Great planning and execution!

    • Awesome @Teazy. And (as usual) I’m taking counsel from your excellent planning idea. I’m facing my 2nd family gathering this weekend. My first was my husband’s birthday back in April – only a couple of weeks sober. I hid my iPad in the bathroom so I could come here for support if I needed it (didn’t thankfully, but was comforted knowing it (you all) were there). Now a barbecue with the family on Sunday. 112 days under my sober belt. Feeling stronger, but love love love your idea to preempt the event. Thank you for sharing that – and congratulations on getting your visit off on the right note. Sober!!! Yes you are! Have an excellent trip.

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