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    Hey just thought id share my latest ponderings, …if i cant drink a full bottle of wine, then i really don’t want to drink any. I know this to be true, but just writing it down, lest i forget. A lot of people do drink one or two, but most people (i know anyway), drink 5/6 or the bottle. Thats enough to make me sick for 3 days, to start the craving again and all the other shit…anither things thats helping with tv ads especially, is imagining im drinking what they are on the add, but then we have to stop and go and do something…thats the worst feeling ever lol life is great at the minute, eating too much but im allowing it for now. am exercising, mainly walking a a lot and am getting those natural highs that i never knew existed !

    • Gosh those are great ponderings Teazy! Awesome strategies! Sounds a bit like the “play it forward” idea where you fast forward in your mind to the hideous feeling of hangover that is the reality. Just the truth really. You are doing so well!!!

    • I like this! I’ll have two bottles please. Makes me gag! Cheers!

      • I know, in the last decade i cd stick to one, bottle that is!, but when i was young it was a lot more, yeuch

    • Such a wise post, loved reading this!!!!
      I never just want one. What a joke one glass of wine is! Huh. In the end before I got sober I could down one bottle and walk straight to a friend’s house, bottle no. 2 in hand…ready to pretend I had only had “one glass” at home before I stopped by. Thanks for the reminder!!! I needed to hear this today. Feeling blue and a wee bit craving an insta-out-of-feelings-card.

      Nope. Fuck this shit. I don’t ever want to down a whole bottle and then want more and more and more.
      I always want more.

      • Thanks Mari, i always want more too, even when i am ‘good’ and stop, if it werent for my family, i cd happily drink and drink, well not really happily! so glad we are waking up and realising this is madness!

    • One is too many, ten is not enough.

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