• DaveH posted an update 4 months ago

    Hi @tatiana How’s it going?

    • Thanks @DaveH for checking in. Slept fantatic and woke up feeling clear and energetic. Day 2- taking it on with confidence and positivity 🙂

  • JM posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Hi @Tatiana! I found the best thing in early sobriety was to read sober blogs – both as a distraction and a way to rewire your brain. And honestly – never would’ve thought it – sobriety is so interesting. Here are some good sites: hip sobriety.com, thesoberschool.com, lauramckowen.com, unpickledblog.com. And for accountability, this site helped me a lot, you can sign up to be her penpal after a waiting period: tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com. You can do this, gets easier and so much better. : )

  • Annie posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Hi there @tatiana. Im at my worst when lonely–which is almost all the time as I live on my own so I totally understand what youre saying. Mrs Ds books are fantastic. im quiting AA as from today. I relasped and got totally berrated for it from my sponser.. Stay with this site. Everyone is so helpful.

    • Thank you Anne- I appreciate your words and encouragement. Sorry for your relapse and the negativity afterwards. Sending you strength and a hug.

  • Agirl posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    You are very brave @tatiana. I can see how the alure and the numbness of alcohol would be attractive when you are lonely and bored. It’s a sneaky downward slide- and you have identified it inspite of its camouflage as a friend. Mrs d’s books helped me heaps. This site has helped me heaps. Congrats on day one, and a huge welcome!!!

    • Thankyou so much. This is such a positive site, what a wonderful way to support people. Your words are so kind, thanks again.