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    • Hi @beccajane. Good for you! I’m amazed more people aren’t on the no drinking wagon because I only joined this site last night and since then it’s been a constant stream. I’d love to know how many ‘problem on the fence’ drinkers there are in my suburb even because I feel like it’s trending, at least in the online world. Or maybe it’s like pink elephants? Try not to think about them and that’s all you think about? In any case I am glad to find so many like minded people on this site x

      • It is far more common that we expect. About 1 in 10 people are adversely affected by alcohol (in countries where drinking is commonplace). It’s just not spoken about very freely because it’s such a “shameful” condition. But shame only exists with the consent of the shamed.

    • Tatiana, I am also living abroad with my husband. You have my compassion for the loneliness feeling. Give yourself credit for wanting to stop abusing alcohol and walking a saver and more self-caring path. It’s not too late to change ways. I thought I could NEVER live without my evening red wine…in the end I could easily polish off one bottle and then often half of the next one, with both gone eventually. I am so glad you found us! oxxoxoxo

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